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Facebook from Scratch: Create your own (super easy!) shareable images

There are great things about working from home, don't get me wrong. But this week it's been a challenge.

It started on Saturday when we woke up to the sound of water dripping in our bathroom ceiling. By Sunday it wasn't just in the ceiling but starting to drip all over the bathroom.

Resources to create your own (super easy) shareable images

After much discussion with the upstairs neighbours, several plumbers and the building management over the past week, it seems the central water evacuation pipe for our whole side of the building is blocked and they need to get in to unblock it.

And where is this pipe is they need to access? In our bathroom ceiling. Yeah. So tomorrow we can expect another crew to come take apart our ceiling and cut an access in the wall…

Since technicians, plumbers and managers have needed to get in to our apartment basically every day as part as of this ongoing saga, it's convenient that I work from here but this chaos hasn't been very conducive to getting actual work done.

So instead I got creative in PicMonkey with one of the pictures I snapped for the insurance! Ok, I did manage to get some actual work done too but making custom images is not only super fun, it can really boost your Facebook Page engagement and shares.

Why you should be including shareable images on your Facebook Page

While Facebook isn't as image-focused as Instagram or Pinterest, the newsfeed is becoming more visual every day (have you seen the new, bigger link thumbnails?) and, according to Facebook, photo-based posts get 120% more engagement.

Photo posts lead the way on my own Facebook page:

Stats from my Facebook Page: photo posts lead the way -- Resources to create your own (super easy) shareable images

 (Click to see the full size image)

It's especially interesting to note that the average reach of my photo posts (379) is more than double the actual number of people who like my page (164).

A big driver behind this larger reach is a larger number of shares. Posting images your audience wants to share can really help the growth and visibility of your new page.

The most popular post on my Facebook page–ever.

This simple image had the biggest (organic/non-paid) reach of any post on my page and was responsible for 8 new ‘Likes' on my page.

My most popular post on Facebook: a custom shareable image

(Click to see the post on Facebook)

The stats:

Reach: 680
Post clicks: 56
Post likes: 22
Post shares: 7
Comments: 4

New page ‘Likes': 8

How to create your own shareable images

You can share your own wisdom, pull a nugget out of one of your blog posts (as I did above), pass on a famous quote you love, entertain your audience–there are no rules! Do what feels best for you.

Here are some sites that make creating great images with text a snap:

Some of these are clearly geared towards Pinterest but you can still use them to make images you can save and put on Facebook.

If you like to have full creative control (but in a much simpler environment than Photoshop), I can't recommend PicMonkey enough. **If you'd like a little help getting to know PicMonkey, I have a tutorial on creating Facebook cover photos that covers a lot of what PicMonkey can do.

My “Facebook from Scratch” Page Report:
My Facebook page(see my page)

2 weeks ago (last report): 153 likes & 42 ‘talking about this'
This week: 165 likes & 12 ‘talking about this'

What I've done:

  • Started the first run of my class, Facebook from Scratch: 6 weeks to a thriving FB Page

I’d love to hear from you

Do you create custom images to share on Facebook or your other social networks? How do you find they perform?

Share with us in the comments: I'm really interested in learning what is or isn't working for you. (And I read & reply to every single one!) I'd love to see the images you create! Come share your post on my Facebook Page.

If you found this useful, I’d love if you shared it with a fellow Facebook page owner who might want to create some create custom images for their social media profiles! And please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using the buttons right below : )

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