Quick 4-point checklist to prep your social media for vacation

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Quick 4-point checklist to prep your social media for vacation

prep your social media for vacationGoing away is simultaneously wonderful and terrible when you are a solopreneur. On the on hand, unplugging and stepping away from the computer is SO SO needed but on the other hand there is no co-worker to hand your work off to and your business goes “dark” while you are gone.

Social media-wise, you don't really want to let your Facebook Page go silent for too long–it's a hard hole to dig out of (as I found out last summer!). But if you are writing & scheduling your posts in advance (you are doing that right?!) you should be covered.

Prep your social media for vacation checklist:

  1. Batch write & schedule posts to go out the entire time you are away and for a few days after you return (you'll be catching up!)
  2. Let your community know you'll be heading out so they'll understand if you aren't around as much as usual (and feel free to ask them for recommendations — I've gotten AWESOME travel tips this way.)
  3. If you aren't completely unplugging, make sure you have the mobile social media apps on your phone so you can easily do check-ins when you have time
  4. Set up Instagram to share some selected photos to your Facebook Page (check out this great IFTTT recipe that will allow you to set up automatic sharing when you use a specific hashtag)

And think of all the fun you can have with your vacation pictures when you get back! Using WordSwag and Flipagram I created this fun little 30-second video of the lessons I learned from this 12-day vacation in Italy with my family in less than 15 minutes.

I'd love to hear from you!

How do you make taking a vacation easy on your business? Do you completely unplug when you are away?

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2 Responses to Quick 4-point checklist to prep your social media for vacation

  1. Denise Dare June 3, 2014 at 07:02 #

    Love this Jackie!

    And, YES, 2 year olds absolutely know how to live…I’m so incredibly blessed to share my days with my precious almost 4 year old {tomorrow she’ll be 4, wow!} and 8 year old daughters.

    Babes are definitely in the flow and connected to joy in such inspiring ways…my girls always remind me how to live happy.

    Stoked you had a beautiful trip!



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