How to sound like YOU on social media (in 5 simple steps)

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How to sound like YOU on social media (in 5 simple steps)

by guest author Jamie Jensen

You know by now that being human and building real relationships on social media is my gospel. Which is why I'm SO excited to introduce you to Miss Hot Copy herself, Jamie Jensen so she can share her 5 sure-fire ways to ditch the marketing-speak and actually sound like YOU on social media. Listen up because writing in a way that actually expresses the real you is one of *the* keys (in my opinion) to a thriving online business.

How to write for social media by Jamie Jensen

Have you ever been on Facebook or Twitter and found yourself feeling totally bombarded by sales messages and marketing offers INSTEAD of like you’re surrounded by friends?

Yeah, well, it’s the way of the future and it totally sucks.

The good news is, while this is totally annoying for your experience of social media, it’s actually the KEY to helping you stand out.

Here’s why: while everyone else is churning out some standard marketing bullshit and big “power words” (that we’re mostly immune to) you’re going to be doing the one thing it takes to actually make a splash on social media.

You don’t need BIG PROMISES or crazy ass dreams.

ALL you need to do is sound like you.

See, social media isn’t an academic forum, it’s a conversational forum. So in order to flourish, you just have to sound human.

In other words, you just have to write how you speak.

SO now you’re all like… cool! But, that sounds easier said than done.

That might be true, because letting your fingers rip across a keyboard probably doesn’t come as effortlessly as talking. It doesn’t come easily to most of my clients.

So I did what any professional would do. I made it easy – by breaking it down into five simple steps!

They’re quick, they’re fun and most importantly: they’ll win you fans and clients.

Heeere we go!

5 tips on how to write for social media in a way that actually sounds like you:

1: Whatever you do, don’t mimic what other marketers or successful business owners are doing.

Okay, this might seem counter-intuitive. Because, at the very heart of it, the people who are doing it right on social media are… hello! Doing it right!! They’re successful, right? So why not copy what they’re doing?

I will tell you why, young business Jedi. A huge part of what they’re doing right is using a consistent business voice. They’re totally true to their own brand, otherwise their marketing would not work! They’re using their own language and speaking to their own clients. Not yours! So do yourself a favor: just ignore them and develop YOU instead.

2: Use simple, short sentences.

In real life, you don’t use long, run-on sentences. You say what needs to be said and then let the other person speak. That’s how you create a dialogue: by taking turns. This is important because ultimately, that’s exactly what you want: to create a dialogue with your community.

You wouldn’t start a conversation with some long-ass speech and expect people to keep listening, ask questions or engage, would you? NOPE! So pay attention to how you actually talk to people. Pay attention to how you actually strike up a conversation. You’ll be surprised how concise you are in real life! Bring that brevity to your posts on social, and you’ll be golden.

3: Ask a question once in a while.

So many people ask how they can get their engagement up. Well, think about how you would increase engagement if you were at a party. (Aside from drinking and dancing on tables, okay?)

What makes you start talking to someone you don’t know? What makes you get someone to start talking to you? Usually, it revolves around asking an interesting question. I mean, think about that guy at the party that just talks and talks (and talks!) about himself but never asks a question. Who wants to hang out with him? Probably not anyone that YOU want to work with, amirite? Don’t be that guy. Show you care about your audience and ask a question.

4: Offer genuine advice.

Have you ever poked around someone’s Facebook page and saw that they were offering tons and tons of advice but none of it seemed relevant to you? It’s kind of like when your crazy grandmother said you’re getting fat from doing too much homework… Your problem and her solution are totally unrelated!

Okay, so maybe you don’t have a crazy grandmother, but maybe you DO have a friend or sibling who jumps at the opportunity to solve your problem before they even listen to the whole story. Raise your hand if that’s ever happened! Kinda makes you wanna yell something like: You don’t know my life! And that’s exactly the problem, if you don’t know about your client’s life than you are going to give them advice they don’t fucking need and guess what? They won’t listen. Start by listening to them if you want them to listen to you. It shows you’re a real human who cares. And isn’t that all anyone really wants? To be cared for?

5: Say it out loud before you post it.

This is a little trick I call “vetting your voice.” It’s my cheat sheet strategy to make sure whatever I’m writing or posting actually sounds OK. And not robotic, fake, awkward, or like someone else wrote it. You can read it out loud to yourself or read it out loud to a friend that knows you really well. Hey, why not gather up a crew of business buddies to batch write and read a bunch of posts to each other? Social media party!

And that’s it! My complete guide to sounding like YOU on social media. Any questions, please ask away in the comments!

If you want some ongoing writing help beyond social, feel free to join my little crew of copy kittens in the Champagne Room (it’s free).

Jamie Jensen is the award-winning writer and word-wing-woman behind Hot Copy. She spent a decade slinging snappy dialogue + pitching plots for Hollywood screenplays before turning up the heat with web copy. Jamie helps other sexy solopreneurs upgrade their business communication by adding volume to their voice and sales to their stories.

You can find her cracking terrible jokes and making passes at strangers here. (Oh yea, she wrote and directed a movie too.)

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