Does Your Social Media Flop or Pop?

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Does Your Social Media Flop or Pop?

by guest author Sarah Liddle

Ever feel like the online business world is one big echo chamber? Where the same generic inspirational quotes are on repeat in your newsfeed? Yeah me too.

Which is why I am thrilled to introduce you to the brilliant Sarah Liddle. You can feel her unique sparkle come through everything she creates online so pay attention to her great advice on how stand out in this noisy digital world!

Does Your Social Media Flop or PopAn original thought or idea is most certainly a rare find.
On the internet I feel bombarded with noise. So. Much. Noise.
Everyone is competing for their place in the social media market.
I think we can all agree there is a lot happening at a pace much faster than we can keep up with.

But a lot of noise doesn’t necessarily mean quality noise.

In the world of coaching and the world of being an online business owner for many years I have seen the noise increase, but the level of quality, originality and creativity has decreased.

Sure, you can put a quote up, maybe it’s your own quote. But it’s still a quote joining the queue of millions of other quotes on the Facebook thread or Twitter thread each and every day.

What happened to original ideas?

When did creativity leave us or did we leave creativity behind in search of more only to find less?

To be an online business owner, a six-figure, successful business owner you need to stand out.

You need to go from boring to brazen to completely beyond the marketplace.

It takes action and conscious effort.

Maybe that is why so few make the move. Because it does take effort. It involves a stretch in ourselves and our minds. One, we just don’t have the time for. Or just don’t make the time for?

It is becoming prevalent to me that the online business owners and branding experts which stand out are the ones that do things differently. For good or bad they create their own path.

What does different mean exactly? I feel it is like beauty, something so hard to pin down but captivating when it arrives.

For me, I feel being an original thinker, going the extra mile and doing what so others do is simply about thinking for yourself. Thinking about better ways to do what you are doing and acting on those better ways.

It is about bringing the best out in yourself.
Standing in your own creativity.
Living your own truth.
It’s about doing things your way.

Stop for a minute, and ask yourself how much of your business is actually centred around your own ideas, thoughts, creativity and concepts and how much of it is centred around what you see others do.

The world needs your unique gifts, this includes your thoughts, your creativity and your ability to be you — to be different from the rest of the noise.
Pick one thing in your business and brainstorm how you can do it differently, do it better, do it with more pizzazz?

The window of success opens when you think for yourself, be yourself and breathe yourself into every action and thought so that you and your business can stand strong away from the rest in a league of your own.

Because after all, isn’t that what business is about? Creating our own business, not mirroring the masses?

The great leaders online and in business, became great because they all had one thing in common. They infuse their unique and authentic presence online. You will succeed greatly if you set aside time to think for yourself and create your own deliberate online presence and brand beyond the noise.

This week, take one hour out of your week and sit down with a pen and paper and deliberately think about how can you infuse your voice, your presence and your originality in your business and online presence.

Please embrace YOU.
THINK for yourself.
BE yourself.
And GIVE what few others do.

An original idea or concept.
— It just might be the difference in having your social media POP or having social media FLOP.

Sarah_Liddle_HeadshotSarah Liddle brings you everything you need to know to become a professional coach. Your goal is to change the world, one flap of your gorgeous butterfly wings at a time. Sarah's is to create passionate coaches like you, who have that same fire. Since 2007 Sarah has been training coaches. Sarah Liddle’s street cred is impressive. You gain an unfair advantage over your competition when you complete your coach training with Sarah – because you’ll be recognized as an international coach, trained by the best-of-the-best with colleagues who are as amazing as you to connect with when you’re finished.

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One Response to Does Your Social Media Flop or Pop?

  1. Vanessa Soto February 21, 2016 at 23:46 #

    Hallelujah, Sarah! I’m in total agreement and it’s making me think a great challenge might be to proactively turn off, unfollow and unsubscribe to everyone we compare ourselves and make an effort to instead turn inward and let what is unique to us come into focus!

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