My honest review of Jenny Shih's Make it Work Online

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My honest review of Make It Work Online

As one of the very first graduates (back in 2014!), I get a lot of emails and messages asking about Jenny Shih’s Make it Work Online program so here’s my honest review of the program.

I’ll share what Make it Work Online (MIWO) is, who I think will get the most out of the program and how to know if it’s the right investment for you and your business. I’m also going to tell you about a big bonus you can get if you sign up for MIWO using my affiliate link. so if you're contemplating enrolling, read right to the bottom of this post to learn how you can get even more for your investment!

What exactly is Make it Work Online?

Make It Work Online is a 15-week coaching intensive that’s part business training, part coaching, part copywriting clinic, part mastermind, and part online community, focused on tons of action-taking that’s run by business coach Jenny Shih.

It is not an online course. Make It Work Online is much more personalized, with real, 1-on-1 attention from your team of coaches that have been handpicked and trained by Jenny — it's business coaching in a group setting but specific to you and your business, not general information.

Make it Work Online helps women business owners get a steady stream of new clients coming in the door by focusing on the business-building essentials (clear message, compelling offer and consistent, strategic action). It’s designed to give you the information AND support you need, so you can step up and do what it takes to make your online businesses work.

My 100% Honest Review of Make it Work Online

Make it Work took my business from an expensive hobby to a full-time income. When I enrolled in early 2014, I had a website, I’d worked with a few clients and started building my email list but I honestly had no real clue what I was doing and the kind of success I was seeing so many other online business owners have seemed out of reach.

Make it Work helped me hone my message, put together my first real offer and start making real progress in my business. I went from making between 0-$1000/month to $1500-$3000/month consistently, filled my first client waiting list AND doubled my newsletter list: all as a direct result of the work and coaching in the program.

Jenny’s strategic, step-by-step business building plan, the support of the other women in the program and the personalized guidance to set realistic goals and take consistent action was EXACTLY what I needed to truly make my business work.

Is it for you? Well, it depends.

How Make it Work Online works

Almost every week for the 15 weeks of the program, you get a new, laser-focused lesson that teaches an essential business-building concept. You receive access to the lesson and then complete a very targeted assignment. (No general information to wade through without a clear idea of how to put it into action!)

Next, you meet with a mini-mastermind of 4 other ladies, your Power Group, to help you complete the assignment. (This group is GOLD. I continued to meet with my Power Group weekly for months after the program wrapped.)

Then, you submit the assignment to get personalized feedback so you can be confident you’re putting your very best work online.

Jenny has hand-picked an incredible team of coaches and you'll have THREE coaches dedicated to the success of you and your business throughout Make it Work Online: a copy coach to help you whip your words into shape and write copy that attract your ideal clients like moth to a flame, a business coach to help you shape the strategic direction of your business and hit your big business goals, and a success coach to help you think like a true business owner and make sure your mindset isn't stopping you from making your business dreams a reality.

Assignments include crafting your summary/elevator pitch so you can finally explain to people what you do with confidence, creating and writing copy for a coaching offer that will sell itself, writing your about page, home page or any other pages on your website so your ideal client can’t wait to hire you, and creating your opt-in offer and squeeze page to build your list on autopilot.

Most weeks there is a group coaching call where your coaches will answer any questions you have about your assignment or your business in general.

The general format is learn, take action, get feedback, get coached, and keep going. This is so KEY to making your business work and what separates Make it Work Online from so many other online courses or group programs out there.

On top of all this, your coaches are in the private Make It Work Online forum every day, Monday through Friday, for the full 15 weeks of the program so you never have to wait to get your burning questions answered and you can keep keep moving forward and not get stuck. (It really is like having your own private business coach, copywriter and life coach on call – for the fraction of the cost.)

Who I think Make it Work Online is perfect for

Make it Work Online is perfect for online, service-based business owners who are struggling to attract the right prospects and convert them into paying clients.

If you have a good idea of what you do (or what you want to do) and have a published website (even if it doesn’t have much on it yet), Make it Work Online will help you hone your message, create compelling offers and set up a steady pipeline of clients.

If you’ve been bouncing around from webinar to webinar, downloading all the freebies and enrolling in way too many online courses trying to learn all.the.things. — but still aren’t seeing any real progress in your business, Make it Work Online will help you stop spinning your wheels and start making it work for real.

If you’re tired of watching everyone else’s businesses take off and are ready to make that happen for you, get into Jenny's world: she’s been my business-building secret weapon!

Who I think Make it Work Online is not for

In my Make it Work group every single person took action. That’s the beauty of the step-by-step strategic plan Jenny lays out and especially the incredible amount of personal support and guidance each person gets from their Power Group and their coaching team. (Something I don’t think can be said for most online courses or group programs.)

However, since I’m being completely honest, the people who got the biggest results from the program were the ones who were clearest on what their business was before the program began.

Make it Work Online will help you refine your message and your niche but it will not help you figure out what business you should start if you have no idea yet.

To get the very best results from Make it Work Online you also need to be committed to doing the work every week. (If you’re planning to be on vacation for several weeks during the program for example, I wouldn’t recommend enrolling). Especially in the early weeks, you’re looking at 5-8 hours a week of work to get the most out of the assignments so make sure you create space for that in your calendar. A successful business doesn't create itself. Jenny’s put together a 15-week program that will give you everything you need, but it won’t work if you don’t.

What Make it Work Online isn't

Clearly I’m a big fan of Make it Work and it had a huge impact on my business, but I want to be clear: Make it Work Online is not a get rich quick scheme or the only program, course or coaching you’ll ever need in your business.

A successful business isn’t built overnight. You’ll be A LOT further along after 4 months in Make it Work Online (and set up with a 6 month plan to follow after that!) but you can’t expect to go from 0 to 6 figures in 6 weeks.

Once you’ve nailed the fundamentals Jenny teaches you in Make it Work Online, you’ll be ready to move on to more advanced business growth strategies (which is why I’m offering a special Grow Your Audience bundle to anyone who enrolls in Make it Work Online through my affiliate link) and identifying the coaches, programs or services that will help you get there is a key part of continuing to make your business work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Make it Work Online

Here are a few of the most frequent questions I get about Make it Work Online. If you don’t see yours or are still wondering about your unique situation, feel free to email me ( – I’ll get back to you with my honest thoughts with 48 hours.

When does enrollment open?

Applications for the 2019 class of Make it Work Online will open Thursday, January 24th and will close Wednesday, January 30th at 5pm PT. (More details here.)

Why do I have to apply to enroll in MIWO?

The Make it Work Online coaching team personally reviews each application to make sure you’re a perfect fit and will get results from the program. They reply to each application with questions or a follow-up acceptance email.

How much is it?

Make It Work Online is $6500 if paid in full. There is also a payment plan available. (Details here)

What’s the difference between B-School and MIWO?

Make it Work Online isn't like ANY of the online courses I've taken (B-School included) because it's so much more personalized and with real, 1-on-1 attention — it's business coaching in a group setting but specific to you and your business, not general information.

I LOVED B-School but when I signed up I had ZERO business background, no website and just an inkling of an idea for my business. B-School provided a ton of the basic business and online business knowledge I needed and the connection to such an amazingly inspiring community of other women just like me (that I definitely did not have in my life AND had no idea even existed).

But in hindsight, a lot of B-School felt very theoretical and I just didn’t have the tools to implement everything I was learning. It’s a TON of info, all self-guided — some basic stuff and some more advanced — but it can be really hard to take real action and implement when you have questions about what is really right for your business since there is no one to ask for help.

In Make it Work Online thanks to Jenny, her team and your power group you’ll finally really dig into your ideal client, their language, what offerings they will be dying to buy from you and how to REALLY make your business work — ie. bring clients through the door!

Having your personal team of 3 coaches supporting you every step of the way for 3 months will change your business: these ladies know what they are about. I can see the difference in every single one of my fellow Make it Work-ers' businesses and it's mind-blowing. Everyone has taken ACTION (unlike every B-Schooler) because they had that personalized support.

I wouldn't change my decision to invest in B-School, because I need it to get started and get exposed to the online world but Make it Work delivered bigger business results, for sure.

How can I get a bonus when I enroll in Make it Work Online?

I’m not only a proud Make it Work graduate and one of the coaches in the program, but I’m also a program affiliate. That means I receive a commission for every person who enrolls at my referral. I'd shout from the rooftops about how Make it Work changed my business regardless (and have!) but my affiliation doesn’t increase the cost of the program AND it allows me to offer you a thank you bonus!


Grow Your Audience Bundle - Make it Work Online BONUS

When you enroll using my affiliate link, you’ll receive my Grow Your Audience bundle (that includes access to my popular Rock Solid Social Media and Get Your Webinar Done workshops!) so when you’re ready to build on your solid Make it Work Online business foundation, you’ll have the next steps to really help your business take off. (Even if you've already applied, you can still receive my bonuses for enrolling if you email and let me them know you wanted to enroll through my link.)

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3 Responses to My honest review of Make It Work Online

  1. lulu cook February 4, 2019 at 02:00 #

    Hi there ~ I’m super-excited about this, and your post prompted me to go ahead abd apply for Jenny’s program via your link! Wondering if I’ll get follow up info from you, as well, confirming the details for the Grow Your Audience bundle to follow?

    Thanks so much!

    • Jackie Johnstone February 4, 2019 at 06:18 #

      Hey Lulu! I’m so excited to work with you :) And congratulations on taking the leap into MIWO – your business will never be the same!

      The best way to ensure you are on my referral list and get access to my bonuses is to email and let them know you wanted to enroll with my link. They will take care of it and once the payment window closes, I will be in touch with all my affiliate purchasers with more details on how to access the Grow Your Audience Bundle.

  2. Sharron March 14, 2019 at 04:21 #

    Wow thanks sooo much. I googled searched this and am so grateful for your honest review Jackie.

    Been following Jenny Shih for only a few months inside of FEA. Missed her MIWO enrollment and Decided to join B School and after two weeks in I’m going to cancel it’s just too much for my brain…and a lot of stuff like my website I’ve done already. I need a smaller community and love the freebies I get from Jenny. On average what is Jenny’s MIWO COURSE Cost? Feel free to email me the answer I’m sure it may change before next enrollment. Oh and is hers only once a year as well?

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