Free training: 4 Pillars of Great Social Media Content

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Free training (4 Pillars)

Attract more clients (with the 4 pillars of great social media content) Webinar

Reach more people, make more connections and change more lives.

This FREE webinar will help you attract more clients using the 4 Pillars of Great Social Media Content.

>> Do you wish you had a successful social media strategy to get your work noticed — but right now that basically amounts to posting to your Facebook or Twitter account when you publish a new blog post and not much else?

>> Have you already tried putting more time and effort into your social media to increase your reach or engagement — but after a week or two other projects got in the way and you had trouble finding the time to keep it up?

>> Would you love to have a month worth of brilliant social media posts, written and scheduled — but the thought of having to come up with that many ideas in one sitting feels impossible?

Attract More Clients (with the 4 Pillars of Great Social Media Content) is a FREE webinar where you’ll learn my “easy button” strategy to get your Facebook Page or Twitter account brimming with brilliant posts your audience will love so you can grow your social media following and your engagement!

During this free webinar you will learn:

Free training: Attract More Clients with the 4 pillars of great social media content

  • The number one mistake people make when it comes to their social media content
  • How to generate a month’s worth of content in a few short hours (using the same system I use AND teach my private clients)
  • What works (& what doesn’t) on Facebook and Twitter (with TONS of real examples)
  • How to automate this piece of your social media presence so it works hard getting you noticed while you’re busy doing other stuff


Can I just say that I LOVED the webinar yesterday?! I have been really trying to “up my game” on social media lately, being more intentional, etc. and so I have been reading stuff, watching webinars, etc… and yours was actually HELPFUL! Not to say everyone else's has sucked, but up until yours, it just seemed like I was hearing the same thing over and over and not learning anything new. If all the other messages I've heard were grade school level, you were high school level. So THANK YOU!

~ Jess Freeman, Web Designer,


This free webinar was held live. It is 73 min long with Q&A.

The recording is now available to download! Enter your name & email below to receive a copy.

What’s included:

In addition to the webinar recording, you'll receive:

  • a copy of 4 Pillars PDF brainstorming guide,
  • your own Social Content Stockpile (exclusive tools I created just for my private clients) and
  • access to my ‘In Plain English’ Tech Training Scheduling Tools: what to use and how to use them that covers scheduling posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

I want to make sure you have ALL the tools you need to write and schedule your content like a pro!

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