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Jackie Johnstone, social+digital strategy for passionate entrepreneurs

You’re an ambitious, passionate entrepreneur who loves your business. You've been doing your thing for a while and you are smart, driven and committed to the work you do and the people you serve. The only trouble is you aren't having the impact you *know* you are capable of because you aren't sure how to find & really connect with the people who need you (and the technology is giving you a headache).

You are so proud of what you have to offer but you just aren't quite getting the audience (or sales) you want. Let's fix that! I love helping you go from “I should really figure out how to make social media work for me” to “I’ve got this, I love my community and my business wouldn’t be the same without it.”

I’m a social & digital marketing strategist, writer and speaker who believes true, caring engagement and service is the only “secret” to social media. It’s about real relationships and every single business owner CAN make it work.

I promise you no matter how hard you think something is, I can explain it in a way you’ll be able to understand and take action on. This means you can finally stop feeling confused and left behind and start confidently creating an online community that’s a real asset to your business–one you can be truly proud of.

When social media becomes an irreplaceable source of genuine connection (and you actually ENJOY it rather than struggle with it), the benefits ripple across your entire business and there is nothing I love more than seeing you reach–and help–more people who need you, it’s the best part of what I do.

My journey

I wasn’t born knowing how to use social media. Like you, Facebook and Twitter weren’t around when I was growing up. But I was born with a love of learning, and teaching.

When I was in high school, I loved helping my friends with challenging math concepts and problems, tutoring them at the kitchen table until they “got it”.

In university, I studied meteorology and there, too, found that I loved explaining the science behind the weather–much more than actually doing the science, in fact. Seeing that I had a knack for science and making the complicated understandable by anyone, I decided to take a masters in journalism. I fell in love with digital journalism, especially social media, because it made the news a two-way conversation and brought the journalists and the audience together.

My first job out of journalism school was as a meteorologist and TV news producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)–by all rights a “dream” job, the perfect marriage of my two degrees. The most fulfilling part of the job was creating the Weather Center’s Twitter account and connecting the meteorologists to their audience in a completely new way. Even better, I got to train all the meteorologists how to use Twitter so they could access real-time reports in storm situations and build a rapport with the people they were forecasting for–something that just isn’t possible in a traditional, one-way medium like TV. Watching them go from skeptical to I-could-not-live-without-this was some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done.

From there, I moved onto CBC News Online’s Community team, helping use social media and citizen participation to create a conversation around the news (including a Federal Election project that won our team a Canadian Online Publishing Award for Best Use of Social Media).

To feed my desire to continue learning and taking on new challenges, I left the newsroom to join the communications team in the alumni office of one of Canada’s largest universities. I soaked up lessons in email marketing, copywriting, PR and even proposal development.

By this time I’d experienced social media from almost every angle: as a user, a teacher, a journalist, a marketer and a community manager.

And then we moved to France.

My husband, a cold atom physicist, was offered an incredible opportunity and together with our two cats, Casper & Tigger, we made the transatlantic move from Toronto, Canada to Bordeaux, France in the fall of 2012.

I didn't know what my place and purpose would be in our new country. I struggled. I felt lost.

Until I ‘bumped into’ an old friend on Facebook. She’d recently become a naturopath, her practice was new and she needed clients. She had a website but no experience in digital marketing and I could see right away I could help her.

And working with her was my ah-ha. “This, this is what I've always loved. And I’m good at it!”

My business was born.

The more inspiring entrepreneurs I work with, the clearer it is that this is what I was meant to be doing. Social media makes it so easy to reach and serve the people who really need you, and that gives me goosebumps because I know you’re in the business of changing lives.

I'm fiercely committed to making social media & webinars clear, practical and results-generating. You deserve it. And the people who need you deserve it.

So let’s get started. I’ll send you weekly tips, tutorials and honest advice to help you get your social media handled so you can make real connections, reach more people and change more lives.


Jackie J.


PS: If you are interested in some personal support to fast-track those connections and super-charge your reach, take a peek at my services. I love getting to know you and your business and helping you find just the right way to make your social media work.

Sarah Michelle Brown“If you need amazing, practical social media advice, Jackie is your gal!!”
~ Sarah Michelle Brown

Kendrick Shope“This woman is a business changer. Jackie is the NEXT big thing. Get your time with her NOW.”
~ Kendrick Shope

Jess Ryan“Jackie is the secret weapon in my business. She is a force at helping you get sh!t done.”
~ Jess Ryan

Five fun facts

  1. I love green juice and kale but also bacon and cheesecake!
  2. I've run a marathon, completed several triathlons and spent many an hour chasing a plastic disc on the ultimate frisbee field
  3. I’m an eternal optimist
  4. I once had dreadlocks (yes, really!)
  5. I have a huge weakness for carrot cake with cream cheese icing

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