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New Facebook cover photo rules (+ 2 awesome social media design resources!)

Your Facebook page’s cover photo (the big one across the top) is prime real estate–by virtue of both it’s size & position. And, as of July 1st, 2013, the Facebook cover photo rules have changed: you can now include text that takes up more than 20% of the image.

Here are 6 ideas how you can put this to work for you (along with some great examples) plus 2 amazing design resources to help you get it done. (Including the absolute BEST social media cheat sheet I’ve ever seen.)

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5 questions you must ask yourself before you get on social media

5 questions you must ask yourself before you dive into social media

A Facebook page or a Twitter account is NOT your business plan. It’s not even your marketing plan. In fact, just having those social media accounts is not even your social media plan.

It’s impossible to develop and enact a great social media strategy without putting some thought into your general marketing and communications plan, and it’s definitely impossible without a basic business foundation.

So if you are feeling like you have absolutely no idea where to start or what to post on your social media channels, or you find yourself wondering why you are even there, chances are you need to do a little work on your foundation.

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Learn to use Buffer: video tech tutorial

Learn to use Buffer: video tech tutorial

Along with Hootsuite, Buffer is my secret weapon when it comes to streamlining my social media activities. Buffer makes sharing faster & smarter and, if you use it regularly, I can almost guarantee you’ll see more engagement because you’ll be sharing more great stuff, and doing it consistently.

By the end of this video tech tutorial you will know how to:

1. Set up your Buffer account
2. Optimize your Twitter posting schedule to suit your audience
3. Use Buffer to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

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The best way to get noticed online

The best way to get noticed online (hint: it’s NOT by shouting “look at me, look at me!”)

One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE social media is the ability to easily reach people you might not have otherwise met.

Unfortunately, this is also why many businesses say, “I gotta be on Twitter so I can use it to promote my products” or, “We have to create a Facebook page to let our customers know all the great things we are selling.” They see it more as advertising or promotional platform, and frankly, they are not only completely missing the point of “social” media (and violating the golden rule!) but they are missing a HUGE opportunity to actually connect to their community and be of real service.

Don’t let this be you! There’s a simple way to be of real service that will grow your community and your client list. It’s win-win!

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How to speak Twitter's language

How to speak Twitter’s language

You’ve probably heard of #hashtags and “retweeting” but do you know what MT and h/t stand for? Or why people sometimes put a period (.@username) at the beginning of a reply tweet?

Don’t let this “language” stop you from getting on Twitter and creating relationships with your community. Here are the essential twitter-isms, explained.

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