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Learn to use Hootsuite: video tech tutorial

To manage your social media in an hour a week, you need a social media management tool. My favourite is Hootsuite and in this video tutorial you’ll get an inside look at my personal social media dashboard.

In this tech tutorial you will learn how to:

1. Set up a Hootsuite account
2. Add search and list columns to cut through the noise on Twitter
3. Schedule Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts

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How to manage your social media in only one hour a week. (For real.)

Did you know it’s possible to run your business’ social media presence effectively in as little as 1 hour a week? (Or 4 hours a month??)

It’s true.

Deliberate planning, scheduling and some amazing (free!) social media management tools make it possible. So if you’ve been avoiding using social media for your business because you’re afraid it’ll be a distraction or will take too much time to do properly, say goodbye to those excuses and hello to your new, expert social media system.

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You want to do social media right? Discover the only rule that matters.

Social media can seem an intimidating place where the landscape is always changing (there’s yet another new tool?!) and wading through the endless amount of advice on how to be a social media success can make your head spin. I hear you!

So let me share this little secret: it all boils down to one simple principle. No matter what social tool you use, or what business you are in, you can’t do it wrong if you follow this one golden rule.

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