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Facebook From Scratch Series

Ever wonder what it takes to create a successful page on Facebook–from scratch?

Me too!

My brand new Facebook page!

So I decided to lift the curtain and share my own experience with you as I grow my page from zero, experiment with new strategies and troubleshoot problems.

If you want proven strategies, hard facts and a real behind-the-scenes look (no holds barred!) this is for you.

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Part 1: We all start from zero

Do you wish your Facebook page had more likes? More engagement? Sent more customers to your website? I’m with you! Welcome to the first in a series of posts on building & growing your Facebook page from scratch.

I currently have a whole 13 likes. Seriously. This post is the first real ‘my page exists!’ announcement and I have yet to run any Facebook ads or even ask my friends and family to like the page. So I want to invite you along for the ride! We all start from scratch with zero likes–even those of us who are ‘social media’ people!–and I’m going to document the growth of my page right here so we can all learn together.

Part 2: 4 hand-picked resources to help you run better Facebook Ads

I’m going to be completely upfront with you. I am not a Facebook Ads expert.

So I sat down with ‘the Google’ and dug up some resources. Out of the many, many articles I’ve read in the past two weeks, these 4 were by far the most helpful as I created my first ads this week.

This is a hand-picked selection of the best advice I could find, just for you : ) If you are just getting started with Facebook Ads–or are frustrated with how your current ads are performing–take some time to check these out.

Part 3: I don’t care how many ‘Likes’ you have (& why you shouldn't either!)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said–or thought–”I really need more Likes on Facebook.” Be honest. (Don’t be shy, I’m raising my hand right along with you!)

I know I’m not the only with my hand up because “I want to build my Likes on Facebook” is something I hear over and over again from my clients–heck, one of my most popular newsletter subject lines was ‘Do you want more Likes on Facebook?’–but I actually kinda hate that phrase. (Same goes for ‘I need more followers on Twitter’ or the equivalent metric on any other social network.) Why? Because it’s all about the number and not about the people behind it.

Part 4: What NOT to do with your Page when you're away

As a solopreneur without a team, it’s all me. I answer all the emails. I post every social media status update. I schedule my client’s sessions. I write, post and format every blog and newsletter. I actually love it (at least for the moment) but it means when I need to sign off, things just need to go on hold. And I’m not apologizing. Nor do I think my community really minds. (I know a lot of you out there are in a similar position!) But Facebook keeps track.

Wonder what happens when you neglect your page for a week? It's not pretty. I unwittingly preformed an experiment on how NOT to grow your page on Facebook–so I’ve assembled some tips on what I’d do differently next time.

Part 5: How to make custom social media app tabs for Facebook (video tech tutorial)

There are a lot of ways to create functional, beautiful Facebook app tabs for your FB Page, but this is the fastest & easiest solution I've found–and for your social media apps like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, it’s completely free.

In this video tech tutorial I will show you (in 10min!) how I set up social media app tabs on my Page using WooBox, and made them look super custom & professional.

Part 6: Create your own (super easy!) shareable images

While Facebook isn't as image-focused as Instagram or Pinterest, the newsfeed is becoming more visual every day and, according to Facebook, photo-based posts get 120% more engagement.

The most popular post on my Facebook page ever is a simple image I created in PicMonkey. Here’s a collection of resources that make creating your own custom, shareable images for your social networks super quick & easy.

 More to come!

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