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Facebook from Scratch: next class in 2015

Facebook from Scratch

Not making the most of Facebook? You could be missing out on 50% of your potential subscribers and a TON of clients.

>> Would you love to be using Facebook to connect with your community and attract more clients — but you have no idea how to make that happen?

>> Do you wish you could use Facebook easily and effectively — but it changes so often keeping up with the technology seems overwhelming?

>> Are you spending a ton of time on Facebook — but not seeing any real results (or you aren't sure how to even measure them)?

Facebook is the #1 driver of traffic to my site and is responsible for over 50% of my new subscribers. Almost all my clients first find me through Facebook.

If this is you, it's time for Facebook from Scratch!

>> 6-week, live, online workshop <<

Next class: TBA

During this 6-week live, interactive workshop you will learn:

Attract More Clients using the 4 Pillars of Great Social Media Content

  • What the FB ‘algorithm' is and how to make it work FOR you
  • How to generate a month’s worth of Facebook posts in a few short hours (using the same system I use AND teach my private clients)
  • What works (& what doesn’t) on Facebook to engage and really connect with your audience (with TONS of real examples)
  • How to use your FB Insights and set up your first FB ad (all explained in plain English).

Elloa Atkinson

This class was a fast track into using Facebook like a pro. Jackie is an excellent teacher and will go over and above the call of duty to teach you everything she knows and deliver you to your big wins with Facebook.”

~ Elloa Atkinson, Miracle Mentor

It's time to create a Facebook Page you're proud of!

In this live 6-week group program I’ll help you figure out exactly how to build your tribe on Facebook and how to genuinely connect with them. I’ll show you which tools will make your life easier, and how to use them like a pro. When we’re done your Facebook Page will be an asset rather than afterthought, and you’ll have the tools & confidence to take it–and your biz–where you want to go.

We've all heard of the know-like-trust ladder: your audience won't buy from you until they 1) know you, 2) like you and finally, 3) trust you. A Facebook page can help with every rung of that ladder: 1) attracting new people, 2) engaging them with your amazing content and 3) allowing you to demonstrate over and over your desire to serve and provide outstanding value.

As a result of this workshop, you will…

  • Have a direct line to your loyal and engaged community
  • Drive more traffic to your website from Facebook
  • Feel confident using the tools and technology you need to reach your tribe on Facebook (Insights, Facebook Ads, custom tabs, embedded posts, 3rd party apps for contests)
  • Be able to use your Page strategically, and stop worrying you are wasting valuable time
  • Know exactly how Facebook fits into your bigger business picture

gear_iconFacebook from Scratch includes:

‘Facebook from Scratch’ page set-up digital walkthrough
A one-hour recorded webinar that walks you through the nuts & bolts of setting up your Facebook Business Page, including important back-end settings and tactics to get people from Facebook to your website.

6 weeks of live, interactive classes
computer_iconEach week I’ll cover a different aspect of using Facebook for business, including step-by-step demonstrations of all the techy stuff where you can see my screen and ask questions as we go. These classes will NOT be lectures, but tutorials with lots of discussion. Personal coaching time within the group class will help you customize and apply the strategies to your Page in particular. I will share all my experience and best practices with you so you’ll be armed to do it all yourself after our 6 weeks are over.

(Recordings will be available so if you can't make it live, don't worry about it. I'm happy to set up an alternative tutorial time to make sure you get some live, personal support — I really want you to succeed!)

A private Facebook group question_icon
You’ll have lots of questions and I don’t want you to have to wait for our weekly classes for answers so you’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group. Not only will I be there every step of the way as you implement your Facebook strategy, but you’ll be able to bounce ideas of your fellow members. Through the private group I will also provide tech support, personal feedback and accountability throughout the 6 week program.

BONUS: 2 exclusive guest-expert tech trainings
I want to make sure you have ALL the tools you need to be successful on Facebook. You'll receive access to ‘Creating Images for Facebook' video tech training as a bonus during our content creation week and ‘Running Your First Facebook Ad' video tech training video as your graduation bonus–both taught by special guest expert instructors!

Facebook from Scratch

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Who am I?

I’m a social media strategist and teacher who believes true, caring engagement and service is the only “secret” to social media. It’s about real relationships and every single business owner CAN make it work. I love helping passionate entrepreneurs reach more people, make real connections and change more lives.

A unique blend of journalism, corporate communications and social media consulting experience shapes my community-first online philosophy. Social media makes it so easy to reach and serve the people who really need you, and that gives me goosebumps because I know you’re in the business of changing lives.

I promise you no matter how hard you think something is, I can explain it in a way you’ll be able to understand and take action on. This means you can finally stop feeling confused and left behind and start confidently creating an online community that’s a real asset to your business–one you can be truly proud of.

What my clients say about me 

Jackie is one of the most pro people I have ever worked with in the online world. Professional, productive, focused and SO effective at what she does.  Her attention to detail and her way with words really helped me excel at my first webinar ever. I've got to say, the experience was so positive that I got hooked on webinars and now I do them regularly. Thanks to Jackie for setting me up for success with my webinars from here to eternity! I owe you :)

Maru IabichelaLife CoachThe Happy Entrepreneur
Leanne Chesser

I had two topic ideas for my webinar when I started working with Jackie. She helped me choose the right topic for me and my audience — the one that was more unique to me and more exciting for my audience. We worked together to completely create my webinar from start to finish in an easy, organized, step-by-step way. She was great at tweaking my ideas to make things more effective. And Jackie went over and above what I expected when I ran into tech challenges just before going live. Most of all, though, I'm no longer scared shitless to hold a webinar! Thanks, Jackie :)

Leanne ChesserCertified Coach, Hand Analyst and TeacherLeanneChesser.com

I'm a total introvert and I was really struggling to connect with the community I'm committed to helping. Even though I was hesitant to hire yet another biz strategist, I knew that I really needed to revamp my approach to social media so I could reach my people.

I knew Jackie was the right fit because she combined creative material with systems in a short, fixed time frame. I loved how we got right down to business, hashed out a ton of posts my audience totally relates to (and also embraces my own quirky character in 140 characters or less!). I mean, we're talking personal finance here – that is no small feat!

Jackie helped me create content + organize it neatly and strategically + I FINALLY feel comfortable interacting on social media platforms consistently and shamelessly!

Michelle BobrowPersonal Finance StrategistThe Holistic Wallet

Thank God for you, Jackie!

Before I started working with Jackie, my social media was haphazard. I would post when I had time, but it had no goals, tracking, or organization. I was frustrated and knew this was an integral part of my business because my ideal clients are on social media!

With Jackie's help, in three months I was able to more than quadruple the engagement on my Facebook business page and increase my organic reach by over 600% (I'm now reaching well over 1 million users a month!). Even more importantly, I get 6 times more traffic to my site from Facebook now than I did before. On Instagram my engagement has quadrupled and I get twice the number of referrals to my site. She also helped me and my VA create a perfect system for us to use together going forward, so NO MORE frustration!

Also, she strategized with me and we put together a list building challenge. I got 1,388 new subscribers to my list. Plus, I have lots of new ideas for future thanks to her!

Andrea OwenLife CoachYour Kick Ass Life
Megan Flatt

I've had the words ‘schedule a month of social media posts' on my to-do list for months. But the task seemed really daunting, time-consuming and overwhelming. I thought about hiring someone to write them for me, but I am too much of a control freak for that. Jackie's offer to help me not only create a month of posts, but teach me how to do it myself was exactly what I needed!

Jackie’s Rock Solid Social Media Content Strategy Session is a total double whammy. She teaches you a perfect method for how to create your posts to engage your audience, not annoy them (which is what I was afraid I was doing sometimes). But it is her feedback that is truly gold. She went over all the posts we created together and the ones I created on my own and gave me specific feedback on how to make each post better and WHY–I am now completely confident I can do it over and over again myself.

Jackie gave me a system that I can easily use all by myself and the confidence to know I am finally handling my social media correctly. It's only been a few days since I started using the posts we created and my engagement is up by almost 40%. Working with Jackie was a perfect decision for my business!

Megan FlattBusiness Coach for busy momsMeganFlatt.com
Jess Ryan

Before I started working with Jackie on my teleclass, I wasn't sure if I'd have the time or could get a quality product out in such a short time frame. I have a toddler, run an 8 month yoga teacher training program, and my own business. Without Jackie's clear, concise action steps and weekly check-ins, I would have been swimming around in this idea for months. With her help I got it done — from idea to call — in three weeks!

I saw a significant increase in subscriber numbers, increased 1:1 contact with potential new clients, and got my work out to people that might not have otherwise been exposed to it. Getting this teleclass out in the world has also given me a stronger sense of the importance of my work and how much it benefits people. I've been working on expanding the reach of my work beyond a local audience and working with Jackie has done just that! I have less fear around, and am actually excited about, putting my work out into the virtual realm. This is the start of a new era in my business!

I can't recommend Jackie enough!  This girl has heart, mad skills, and an honest-to-goodness belief in her clients. She also has a gift for getting to the point so you can get your work in the world! Jackie is a force at helping you get sh!@#$ done.

If you run your own business and are seeking to get your work to bigger audiences, increase subscriber numbers, and make a difference in more lives – hire Jackie. She is the secret weapon in my business. Of all the coaches I've hired, I've seen the quickest and biggest results with this woman's work!  I'm an introvert that HATES the idea of social media and networking and Jackie found ways to make it work for me!  If you want the perfect combination of heart, practicality, and RESULTS — working with Jackie is the way to go!

Jess Ryan Life Coach, Healer, and DoulaOur Real Work
Becky Duncan

I was a bit nervous about doing my first live call because I knew there was a lot of tech stuff to it but Jackie was fab at walking me through everything. And she is not going to just give you the info and disappear! Jackie shows you how, tells you how, helps you do it and checks in on you.

Jackie practiced the live call with me since it was my first time using the conference call system. She even sent me a “Good luck” message the day of my call and checked in with me afterward. She really made SURE that I knew what to do and how to do it. Jackie made everything crystal clear — and I doubled my list with one live call! Now I can do a live call any time I want but having Jackie there for the first one made all the difference.

Becky DuncanLife MacGyverBeckyLDuncan.com
Anna Long-Stokes

Working with Jackie to help me launch my webinar was a DREAM! I had hosted two webinars before hiring her and they were okay, but not the success I was hoping for. I knew that there were a lot of little things I wasn't thinking about that were getting left out and therefore making my webinars less impactful then they could be.

Jackie flew in like a magic (strategic) fairy and helped me create a great topic for my webinar, structure all of those little pre/post webinar bonuses that participants love, technology testing to make sure that I was creating something people could actually access, email campaigns to get people signed up and even my favorite, the pitch. I had been terrified of pitching my new program in the webinar and Jackie coached me through the entire process, gave me useful tips and even helped me practice. Remarkable! The best part was that she broke it out over the course of a month into tangible steps that built on one another. So by the time my webinar came around, I was revved and ready to go.

If you are looking to do a webinar, but you're scared of how to do it (technology, pitch, topic, structure, nerves, etc), then you'd be making a big mistake not to hire this lady.

Anna Long-StokesIntuitive Business StrategistElectric Empire

I was close to giving up on social media before hiring Jackie. She changed that for me and I'm so so glad I made the decision to get her help. I have new faith in the value of a Facebook page, regardless of all the recent changes: my reach and engagement has increased a ton, there are more people “talking about me” on a weekly basis, and I've amassed a ton of new fans that I am certain are more targeted and actual potential clients.  Jackie made social media much less stressful and something I can actually be good at and use to grow my business effectively. If you are a busy entrepreneur, struggling to make social media work for you, investing in Jackie's help is an absolute MUST. She will make it easy & fun again, plus will show you how to actually attract new clients and engaged fans.

Leah KalamakisWeb Designer & Founder of The Freelance to Freedom Project

Jackie calls herself a digital media strategist. That is true but just part of the story. Jackie is a cheerleader, a problem solver, a fount of knowledge, and that person that always knows how to describe what you are trying to say using just the right words. The true gift that Jackie brings to projects is that of being able to figure out what makes sense to do next without regard to her own agenda. Jackie helped me in more ways than I can enumerate in putting on my first webinar for my Websites that Perform ecourse. Her help was strategic where it needed to be, tactical and detailed where it needed to be and her weekly nudging was just what I needed to stay on target. The only reservation I have in recommending Jackie is that I would like to keep her services all to myself!

Erika DicksteinChief Insight OfficerSpring Insight

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