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Human Design came into my world and changed everything.


I'm no longer taking digital marketing clients for social media strategy, webinars, Facebook Ads or copywriting.

Not because I no longer enjoy those marketing pieces — I do!
But I can no longer do the marketing consulting work without the Human Design lens.

We are NOT here to follow the same step-by-step blueprint to business success. 
We are NOT here to market in the same way.
We are NOT here to twist ourselves into the box of what we think our online business should look like.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

In this era of influencers and internet marketers, it's easy to chase someone else's success and think that by doing it just the same way they've done it, you'll get the same results.

But if you've ever tried this (consciously or unconsciously!), you know what it feels like: hard, inauthentic, uncertain, and like you're constantly coming up short.

And yet you keep telling yourself you just need to work harder, or take another course, or fix your mindset.

When what you really need to is to be more YOU. You are insanely capable — when you're not trying to be a fish that's climbing a tree!

The hours you work, the rhythm of your days and weeks, the way you communicate, the offers you make, the way you market and sell — all of it should be YOU. And looking at it through the lens of your Human Design, the unique genetic blueprint that showcases the energy and strengths you were born with, allows you to see it clearly and start using it to your advantage.

As a business owner, if you aren't working with your unique energy, using the strengths you were born with and following your inner wisdom you're probably fighting:

Frustration. Fear. Exhaustion. Resistance. Self doubt. Procrastination. Disappointment. Anger. Bitterness. Burnout.

And one-size-fits-all business building advice, courses and programs just keep telling you how to climb that tree and fail to take YOU into account.

Enough. It's time to jump into the water where you belong and start experiencing:

Satisfaction. Flow. Creativity. Delight. Peace. Energy. Confidence. Success. Ease.

I want to understand YOUR unique energetic make up so together we can find the marketing and sales strategy that is right for you.

It all starts with a Design Decode session if you're ready to throw away the box and step into doing business your own unique way!

Decode your Human Design