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Get Your Webinar Done

Get Your Webinar Done: start-to-finish support for a webinar to connect with your community, build your list and attract clients

>> Start-to-finish support for a webinar to connect with your community, build your list and attract clients <<

You’ve seen people rave about how amazing webinars or free calls are for their business but you can’t seem to get past the “I wish I could do my own webinar” or “I should really figure that out” stage. Or maybe you've done one in the past but it wasn't very successful (and you didn't enjoy doing it!). You are ready to seriously build your list, establish your expert status and attract more clients.

Does this sound like you?

  • Does the thought of running your own webinar or teleclass scare you shitless?
  • Are you worried you’ll put in a ton of work and no one will show up?
  • Do you feel completely overwhelmed by all the logistics and technology involved in running a webinar?
  • When you think about doing a webinar do you get stuck in the What-ifs? (“What if something goes wrong?” or “What if no one signs up?” or “What if it sucks?”)
  • Do you have trouble deciding what exactly your topic should be? (Either because you no ideas or way too many ideas?)

The truth is you may need a little help to make it happen. You want someone to break it down into manageable steps, help you figure out the tech and give you support and accountability so you can actually get your webinar DONE already! (And stop just *thinking* or *wishing* about it.)

A great webinar (or teleclass) can help you:

  • Grow your list–fast! (I doubled my list in 3 months as a result of just 3 webinars. And I get 10x the new subscribers from each webinar than I have from even my best converting guest posts)
  • Establish a real, solid connection with your audience (Seriously, there is nothing like live interaction — I get more email and social media notes from webinars than anything else I do.)
  • Be recognized as an expert (Business partnerships, invitations to be a guest teacher and requests to be interviewed on podcasts have all come out of doing webinars for me.)
  • Make sales (I’m not yet in the 5- or 6-figure webinar sales bracket with the big names but it feels great to get off an hour-long call to a collection of purchase notification emails in your inbox!)

So let’s (finally) get that webinar done — together!

What’s included:

* Big webinar brainstorming & planning session — you and me for 90 minutes, nailing down your goals, webinar topic, outline and title

* Your personalized step-by-step Get Your Webinar Done Action Plan — week by week timeline and action items so you know exactly what you need to be working on, when. (And you can be sure you aren’t missing anything!)

* Weekly follow-up & support calls — in these 30-minute sessions in the three weeks leading up to your webinar we’ll workshop your copy, talk through your outline, test your tech, go through ANY stumbling blocks (I want to make sure you have everything you need to confidently and successfully put together your webinar.)

* Get-it-done templates and lots of examples for ALL your promotional content — including web, email and social media copy to help you pack your webinar

* Tech support & tutorials — to help you conquer those logistical stumbling blocks (webinar service selection, registration page creation, autoresponder set-up)

Investment: $975

Kendrick ShopeGet your webinar done and watch your list grow with the brilliant Jackie Johnstone. This woman is a business changer. Jackie is the NEXT big thing. Get your time with her NOW.”
~ Kendrick Shope


Have questions? Email me, I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Work with Jackie

Jackie is one of the most pro people I have ever worked with in the online world. Professional, productive, focused and SO effective at what she does.  Her attention to detail and her way with words really helped me excel at my first webinar ever. I've got to say, the experience was so positive that I got hooked on webinars and now I do them regularly. Thanks to Jackie for setting me up for success with my webinars from here to eternity! I owe you :)

Maru IabichelaLife CoachThe Happy Entrepreneur
Leanne Chesser

I had two topic ideas for my webinar when I started working with Jackie. She helped me choose the right topic for me and my audience — the one that was more unique to me and more exciting for my audience. We worked together to completely create my webinar from start to finish in an easy, organized, step-by-step way. She was great at tweaking my ideas to make things more effective. And Jackie went over and above what I expected when I ran into tech challenges just before going live. Most of all, though, I'm no longer scared shitless to hold a webinar! Thanks, Jackie :)

Leanne ChesserCertified Coach, Hand Analyst and
Jess Ryan

Before I started working with Jackie on my teleclass, I wasn't sure if I'd have the time or could get a quality product out in such a short time frame. I have a toddler, run an 8 month yoga teacher training program, and my own business. Without Jackie's clear, concise action steps and weekly check-ins, I would have been swimming around in this idea for months. With her help I got it done — from idea to call — in three weeks!

I saw a significant increase in subscriber numbers, increased 1:1 contact with potential new clients, and got my work out to people that might not have otherwise been exposed to it. Getting this teleclass out in the world has also given me a stronger sense of the importance of my work and how much it benefits people. I've been working on expanding the reach of my work beyond a local audience and working with Jackie has done just that! I have less fear around, and am actually excited about, putting my work out into the virtual realm. This is the start of a new era in my business!

I can't recommend Jackie enough!  This girl has heart, mad skills, and an honest-to-goodness belief in her clients. She also has a gift for getting to the point so you can get your work in the world! Jackie is a force at helping you get sh!@#$ done.

If you run your own business and are seeking to get your work to bigger audiences, increase subscriber numbers, and make a difference in more lives – hire Jackie. She is the secret weapon in my business. Of all the coaches I've hired, I've seen the quickest and biggest results with this woman's work!  I'm an introvert that HATES the idea of social media and networking and Jackie found ways to make it work for me!  If you want the perfect combination of heart, practicality, and RESULTS — working with Jackie is the way to go!

Jess Ryan Life Coach, Healer, and DoulaOur Real Work
Becky Duncan

I was a bit nervous about doing my first live call because I knew there was a lot of tech stuff to it but Jackie was fab at walking me through everything. And she is not going to just give you the info and disappear! Jackie shows you how, tells you how, helps you do it and checks in on you.

Jackie practiced the live call with me since it was my first time using the conference call system. She even sent me a “Good luck” message the day of my call and checked in with me afterward. She really made SURE that I knew what to do and how to do it. Jackie made everything crystal clear — and I doubled my list with one live call! Now I can do a live call any time I want but having Jackie there for the first one made all the difference.

Becky DuncanLife
Anna Long-Stokes

Working with Jackie to help me launch my webinar was a DREAM! I had hosted two webinars before hiring her and they were okay, but not the success I was hoping for. I knew that there were a lot of little things I wasn't thinking about that were getting left out and therefore making my webinars less impactful then they could be.

Jackie flew in like a magic (strategic) fairy and helped me create a great topic for my webinar, structure all of those little pre/post webinar bonuses that participants love, technology testing to make sure that I was creating something people could actually access, email campaigns to get people signed up and even my favorite, the pitch. I had been terrified of pitching my new program in the webinar and Jackie coached me through the entire process, gave me useful tips and even helped me practice. Remarkable! The best part was that she broke it out over the course of a month into tangible steps that built on one another. So by the time my webinar came around, I was revved and ready to go.

If you are looking to do a webinar, but you're scared of how to do it (technology, pitch, topic, structure, nerves, etc), then you'd be making a big mistake not to hire this lady.

Anna Long-StokesIntuitive Business StrategistElectric Empire