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Grow Your Audience Fast – Complete Bundle (Make it Work Online Bonus)

>> Jackie Johnstone's Make it Work Online BONUS 2020 <<
Grow Your Audience Fast - Complete Bundle (MIWO Bonus)

Jackie Johnstone and Jenny Shih at Make it Work Live in Portland, January 2014

Me and Jenny Shih at Make it Work Live in Portland, January 2014

It's time to reach more people, build your list and establish yourself as an expert in your niche with this exclusive Make it Work Online Bonus.

Imagine it's 3 months from now, you've completed Make it Work Online and you know exactly who your ideal clients are, your copy is solid, you've created a compelling offer you know gets great results and your amazing opt-in is waiting.

Now you're ready to really grow your audience & your influence — FAST.

Dozens of Make it Work Online graduates have hired me to help them nail their social media content or put on a successful webinar to build their lists because it's the natural next step.

But we're also going much deeper than these solid marketing strategies. The online space is changing. It's so much noisier than it used to be. The key to standing out is to shine AS YOURSELF. (Not as a copy of me. Or Jenny Shih. Or any other business owner you admire.)

You have a unique energetic blueprint that holds the key to making your marketing the most magnetic — and FUN! — it can be. After you finish Make it Work Online we'll dive into how you were uniquely designed to succeed in the online business world, including uncovering the built-in intuitive decision-making strategy you were born with (so you can run your business powerfully and decisively) and how to supercharge your marketing with your unique strengths and brilliance — all using your Human Design — in a group Design Decode session.

AND, you'll have 3 *more* months of coaching support from me — a former MIWO coach — in a community of amazing fellow business owners (many of them MIWO graduates!) while you implement it all.

If you apply & enroll in Make it Work Online through my referral link you'll get access to both my popular Rock Solid Social Media Workshop & Get Your Webinar Done Workshops plus a Design Decode and 3 months of coaching support (total value $950):

All your MIWO bonuses

With Make it Work Online, my social media & webinar support plus the key to your unique business brilliance you'll be bringing in more subscribers, more clients and more sales in no time! >> APPLY TO ENROLL HERE


Jenny Shih

“Want to shine bright as an expert in your field? Want to build your business AND deliver phenomenal results for your clients? Jackie models that and shows you how, every step of the way, with her positive attitude, smart strategies, and solid belief in her clients.

~ Jenny Shih, Business Coach and creator of Make it Work Online

How are the social media & webinar workshops delivered?

The workshops are a mixture recorded trainings, time saving templates and targeted action steps to get you doing the work (so you can see the results!). We have a workshop Facebook group where you can reach out to me and other participants throughout the course and lots of opportunity to get personal support.

When will the Design Decode session and 3 months of coaching support happen?

After Make it Work Online has wrapped, we'll schedule the group Design Decode session and you'll be added to the Designed for Brilliance Collective community right after where you'll have access to me and a fantastic group of business owners (many of them MIWO grads!) for support as you continue your business building journey. Weekly coaching calls, 1:1 laser coaching sessions and a wealth of resources are available inside the Collective. Between Make it Work Online, the Rock Solid Social Media Workshop, the Get Your Webinar Done Workshop, decoding your unique energetic blueprint and the support of the Collective, you'll have everything you need (including 6 total months of top notch coaching!) to make 2020 *THE* year your business takes off.

How can I make sure I get this Make it Work Online Bonus when I enroll?

Your best bet is to apply using this link. That will ensure you'll receive all my bonuses (at no extra cost to you!). If you aren't sure you used my link, you can reach out to directly and ask them to make sure you're on Jackie's affiliate bonus list.

I can't wait to work with you and help you make 2020 your best year in business yet!

What past Make it Work Online grads had to say:

Uma GirishI am so grateful I chose to enroll in MIWO through Jackie!

I used her Get Your Webinar Done and Rock Solid Social Media Workshops to grow my list, serve my people, and have a ton of fun along the way. It sure takes the overwhelm out of the “how to” of creating a webinar and social media has become so much fun! I never have to worry about running out of ideas or keeping content fresh. Jackie’s structure makes it simple, fun, and most importantly, establishes you as the expert at what you do.

And knowing how to run my biz through the lens of my Human Design type and decision-making strategy has taken me to a whole new level! Doing business according to my soul’s blueprint definitely brings so much joy, creativity, and fun into the experience—and that energy raises my vibration and draws even more goodness toward me.

I cannot thank Jackie enough for being my guide on this journey.”

~ Uma Girish, Spiritual Mentor & Author /

Kristi Perry Brown“I had been contemplating doing a webinar for a year but was overwhelmed by all the steps I needed to figure out. The Get Your Webinar Done workshop took out the overwhelm, gave me step-by-step instructions and made it possible. It also really helped having Jackie's feedback as I put this first one together so I wasn't constantly second-guessing myself. I felt like I had a cheerleader in my corner. Once it was time to market and run my webinar I felt so prepared and everything went really smoothly, I even enjoyed it! Webinars are now one of my key client getting activities and will be an integral part of my MIWO business plan in the year to come. If you even think you might want to do webinars in the future, this is such a powerful tool to combine with all you will learn in MIWO!”

~ Kristi Perry Brown, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner /

Dona BumgarnerWorking with Jackie to understand how to grow my business according to my Human Design was the exact next step I needed after MIWO. Because Jackie deeply understands the MIWO system, she communicates so clearly how to “do” MIWO while also being aligned with your Design. It is like she supercharges the MIWO program with her special Human Design sauce.”

~ Doña Bumgarner, Life Coach for Moms /

Andrea Hanson“The Make it Work Online Coaching Program is great for giving you a lot of options that could work in your business — doing the Human Design work with Jackie helps you focus in on which of those options are best suited for you. Jackie is a gifted coach. I've only scratched the surface of working with her and she's already helped me understand how to uplevel my business in a way that makes sense to me. I highly recommend working with her.”

~ Andrea Hanson, Master Certified Life & Mindset Coach /

Kelsey Cleveland“When I considered signing up for Make It Work Online in 2019, I researched reviews of the program and discovered Jackie. I had been considering running a webinar for over a year, but didn’t know where to start. Her Get Your Webinar Done bonus clinched the deal for me. After I completed MIWO, I dove into the training. In less than six weeks, I held my first webinar. I was thrilled that not only did it go off without a hitch, but over 20 people signed up and 11 people attended live. In fact, I did most of the details for my next webinar a month later in 4 days powered by the positive energy from my first webinar!”

~ Kelsey Cleveland, Desire Map Facilitator /

Karen AquinasWhen Jackie combined the solid strategies of Make it Work Online with my personal Human Design it felt like a huge green light to run my business not only in a way that works, but in the way that works best for me. Since becoming a member of Jackie’s Designed for Brilliance Collective my business has been supercharged with good vibes not only because Jackie has built on our shared knowledge base from MIWO and helped me identify the pieces that are best in alignment with my Design, but because of the wonderful members in the group who are a continued source of inspiration and encouragement.”

~ Karen Aquinas, Energist • Success Coach /

Marisa Raymond“Running your own business is tough. Not only are you wearing many hats as the CEO of your own business, but we also tend to be our own worst critics which means there is a lot of negative self-talk going on. One of the biggest business- and life-changing components of the MIWO Coaching Program is the encouragement and support to dive deep and get curious about the limiting beliefs and blocks that were holding me back. Jackie’s Design Decode took the self-awareness work to a whole new level! Learning about my human design and decision-making strategy has made it so much easier to trust that I’m doing what is right for myself and my business. And her Brilliance Collective is an amazingly supportive environment to dive even deeper and experiment. Thanks to Jackie, I have more confidence as a business owner and feel calmer when confronted with the edge of my comfort zone!

~ Marisa Raymond, Life Coach /


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