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Make real connections with more people you can help

True, caring engagement and service is the only “secret” to great social media and online marketing. It’s about real relationships and every single business owner CAN make it work.

I can help you find–and engage with–the people you can help, so you can get paid to do what you love.

Who I work with

You’re a passionate entrepreneur who loves your business. You’ve been doing your thing for a while and you are smart, driven and committed to the work you do and the people you serve. The only trouble is you aren’t having the impact you *know* you are capable of because you aren’t sure how to find & really connect with the people who need you (and the technology is giving you a headache).

You are frustrated with the lack of real results and feel like you are wasting valuable time on social media. You feel like there’s so much to learn but you don’t have the time to spend trolling around the internet, reading a zillion blogs and sorting the solid advice from the hype.

You are ready for top-notch support and expertise, a solid plan and the push to already.

Kendrick Shope

“This woman is a business changer. Jackie is the NEXT big thing. Get your time with her NOW.”

~ Kendrick Shope, Sales Coach and Creator of Authentic Selling

What we do together

Together we develop strategy and put in place systems to make brilliant social media and webinars easy and effective so you can start making REAL connections with MORE people you can help (and you can get paid to do what you love).

  • We’ll find and engage your audience: the people who need your help and can’t wait to pay you for it. (Because 100 true ideal clients are worth so much more than 1000s of the “wrong” people.)
  • We’ll develop a customized social media strategy, so you can put your valuable time and energy where it’ll serve you best. (There is no “right” way, no one-size-fits-all plan. You need something tailored for you and your business.)
  • We’ll design and deliver webinars that serve your community, build your expert status–and your list–and attract your ideal clients. (In my experience this live interaction is GOLD for your business.)
  • We'll dive deep into the numbers so we can double down on what is actually working and get rid of the rest — we create results-driven social media marketing tailored for your business.

Your online marketing is the key to building real relationships with your audience and it's time to make it data-driven and results-oriented (without losing that human touch).

What do you need?

I offer one-on-one packages tailored to help you get exactly what you need, from focused strategy sessions to premium, ongoing support. (Click the buttons below to find out more.)

Rock-Solid Social Media Content SessionGet Your Webinar Done: start-to-finish support for a webinar to connect with your community, build your list and attract clientsIt’s handled: premium ongoing social media support for your growing business

Don’t know what you need? That’s ok! Email me, I'm happy to help in any way I can.

With Jackie’s help, I realized I don’t know where to begin on social media because I am still not clear on what I want to create in my business. Instead of taking me on as a client, Jackie was honest and upfront and told me straight up she couldn't yet help me. She is down-to-earth, authentic and really looks out for her clients’ best interests. I really enjoyed our conversation, Jackie’s easy going nature made me feel very comfortable, and I was very impressed and grateful for the follow-up ideas she gave me for Facebook and Pinterest. Jackie is the person to contact if you are looking for some help getting clear on your social media strategy. When I am ready to dive in, I will be calling Jackie again!

Rev. MandiMarried by Mandi

I was worried my business wasn't yet ‘ready’ for Jackie’s advice, but I loved, loved, loved our conversation. She has a real gift at breaking things down into manageable chunks. Throughout the session she kept us on topic, was very easy to talk with and I loved the fact that she’d had done so much research beforehand! An hour with Jackie was worth the money: I've already implemented 2 or 3 of her suggestions, immediately improving my social media profile, and I have a checklist of ideas I can put into place over the next few months. I really appreciated her quick follow-up, and the included audio recording of our chat. Jackie was so helpful in setting up an efficient and effective social media plan, I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need a little help keeping up with 21st century communication. Jackie is very talented at what she does!

Susan Vachon Learning Resource SpecialistOptimally Learning

In a very short space of time, Jackie managed to quell two HUGE concerns I had, both about my social media and, bigger picture, about my transition into life coaching. She is warm and encouraging and able to take you into uncharted social media territory, while explaining things in a clear and friendly way. Even if you're talking about something you feel clueless about, Jackie makes you feel safe and makes social media feel un-scary! I'd already gotten a lot of value from her blog and newsletter, but it was great to experience Jackie ‘live' and I really got a lot from our session.

Marsha ShandurNetworking MentorYes Yes Marsha

I'm just starting out with social media and I LOVED that Jackie created a safe environment where I really felt that no question was stupid! I came away from our streamlined and laser-focused session with some very implementable steps and a much better understanding of how to use social media in my business, including how to figure out which platforms are best for my business. Jackie creates a warm, safe environment for people to really work through what they need to know about social media. I felt that no matter how basic, my question did not seem stupid to her. She understood exactly where I was and brought her expertise to my level. I would recommend Jackie to anyone who wants to start using social media!

Kristi BreeceHealth & Wellness Coach

My mind is dancing in possibility after my power social media masterminding session with Jackie today!!! If you need amazing, practical social media advice, Jackie is your gal!! She can turn mountains into molehills by helping you break it down and create an actionable plan. A creative thinker with great ideas, strategizing with Jackie made it soooo clear I need a mind like hers in my world.

Sarah Michelle BrownActor/Playwright/ProducerFirst Hand Woman

What a joy it was to work with Jackie! I had some complicated issues with my Facebook page that some other techies were unable to fix. They kept telling me that this or that should work, all things I had already tried countless times! After a week of frustration, I felt as if I was stuck in FB jail! Jackie was an attentive listener and very responsive to the issues. She was very confident and encouraging throughout the process, relentless and focused in her approach. Within 24 hours she had my very tangled mess all sorted out. I’m so thankful to have connected with this talented lady. Jackie is a GEM!

Carolan RossCopywriter, Editor & Marketing MavenSolospark