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Rock-Solid Social Media Content

Rock-Solid Social Media Content Session

>> A social media content creation session to attract more clients, efficiently and effectively <<

You stare at the blinking cursor in your empty status box on your Facebook Page or Twitter account, willing your brain to come up with something. You started out strong, but you are tired of struggling to come up with something brilliant to post on social media, day after day.

Does this sound like you?

  • You go all-in on social media for a week or two but then other projects get in the way and you have trouble finding the time to keep it up
  • The only time you consistently post to your Facebook or Twitter account is when you publish a new blog post
  • You wish for a social media “easy button” (if only!)
  • You are ready to run your social media with ease and confidence, and stop second-guessing yourself

I’ll show you the simple system to keep your Facebook Page or Twitter account stocked with fresh content your community will love. I’ll help you brainstorm and create posts to attract and engage your ideal client. (And I’ll get you up to speed on the best tech to make creating & scheduling them a breeze.)

When we are done you’ll have a whole month’s worth of solid Facebook or Twitter posts–and, best of all, the tools to do it all yourself next month!

As a result of this Rock-Solid Strategy Session, you will:

  • Remove that daily ‘what should I post’ pressure (ah-ma-zing!)
  • Have a month worth of brilliant Facebook or Twitter posts, written and scheduled
  • Be able to spend less time on social media–and see better results
  • Grow your social media following (and your engagement!)
  • Feel confident and in control of your social media
  • Automate some of your social media presence so it works hard even while you’re busy doing other stuff
  • Have way more fun on Facebook or Twitter!

This Rock-Solid Strategy Session includes:

Exclusive Training + Social Media Audit Worksheet
You’ll receive access to an exclusive digital training where l teach you the secret to taking control of your social media content. I’ll also give you the tools to audit your current Facebook or Twitter content strategy (plus the benefit of my expert eyes to give you feedback!). This is so important because it means we can get right to work during our 90 minute content creation call.

Rock-solid Social Content Creation Call
Time to get to work! In this 90 minute brainstorming and writing power session we’ll review the results of your social media audit and we’ll create a personalized social content strategy for your business so you’ll know exactly how to craft posts your ideal clients will love. Then we’ll get to the writing: we will draft actual posts you can use right away on your Facebook Page or Twitter account. Save months of social media trial-and-error with my instant, experienced input and never wonder again if you are doing it “right”.

Rock-solid Social Posts Worksheet
During our power brainstorming and writing session we’ll start to fill out your personal Rock-solid Social Posts Worksheet. You’ll round it out after our session and I’ll give feedback and suggestions by email on an entire month’s worth of posts (not to mention the accountability to get it done!). This worksheet will be the foundation of your social media strategy and you can use it again and again, month after month.

Email Support and Accountability
Sure, I could just offer to write you a month’s worth of posts and call that a day. But that’s not my thing. I want to teach you how do it so well that you can do it brilliantly without me! This means throughout the entire process, I’ll be right there with you, available by email to answer all your questions and give you feedback as you round out your Rock-solid Social Posts Worksheet after our call. And I’ll check-in with you by email a month after our call to see how it went.

BONUS: ‘In Plain English’ Tech Training
I want to make sure you have all the tools you need to create and schedule your content like a pro so you’ll receive access to an additional tech training: Scheduling Tools: what to use and how to use them. No more tech headaches to hold you back!

Write a woman some posts, feed her social channels for a day. Teach a woman to write posts and feed her social channels for a lifetime, right? :)

Investment: $449


Have questions? Email me, I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Work with Jackie

I'm a total introvert and I was really struggling to connect with the community I'm committed to helping. Even though I was hesitant to hire yet another biz strategist, I knew that I really needed to revamp my approach to social media so I could reach my people.

I knew Jackie was the right fit because she combined creative material with systems in a short, fixed time frame. I loved how we got right down to business, hashed out a ton of posts my audience totally relates to (and also embraces my own quirky character in 140 characters or less!). I mean, we're talking personal finance here – that is no small feat!

Jackie helped me create content + organize it neatly and strategically + I FINALLY feel comfortable interacting on social media platforms consistently and shamelessly!

Michelle BobrowPersonal Finance StrategistThe Holistic Wallet
Megan Flatt

I've had the words ‘schedule a month of social media posts' on my to-do list for months. But the task seemed really daunting, time-consuming and overwhelming. I thought about hiring someone to write them for me, but I am too much of a control freak for that. Jackie's offer to help me not only create a month of posts, but teach me how to do it myself was exactly what I needed!

Jackie’s Rock Solid Social Media Content Strategy Session is a total double whammy. She teaches you a perfect method for how to create your posts to engage your audience, not annoy them (which is what I was afraid I was doing sometimes). But it is her feedback that is truly gold. She went over all the posts we created together and the ones I created on my own and gave me specific feedback on how to make each post better and WHY–I am now completely confident I can do it over and over again myself.

Jackie gave me a system that I can easily use all by myself and the confidence to know I am finally handling my social media correctly. It's only been a few days since I started using the posts we created and my engagement is up by almost 40%. Working with Jackie was a perfect decision for my business!

Megan FlattBusiness Coach for busy

I was close to giving up on social media before hiring Jackie. She changed that for me and I'm so so glad I made the decision to get her help. I have new faith in the value of a Facebook page, regardless of all the recent changes: my reach and engagement has increased a ton, there are more people “talking about me” on a weekly basis, and I've amassed a ton of new fans that I am certain are more targeted and actual potential clients.  Jackie made social media much less stressful and something I can actually be good at and use to grow my business effectively. If you are a busy entrepreneur, struggling to make social media work for you, investing in Jackie's help is an absolute MUST. She will make it easy & fun again, plus will show you how to actually attract new clients and engaged fans.

Leah KalamakisWeb Designer & Founder of The Freelance to Freedom Project