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Stop wasting time on social media (do this instead!)

Stop wasting time on social media (do this instead!)

Social media seems like the one task that just never actually gets off your to-do list, am I right? It haunts you.

One morning you spend the time lovingly picking what to share, crafting brilliant posts and beautiful branded images to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc… and then tomorrow you have to do it all over again. (womp womp)

And if you get busy and fall off the content treadmill, it’s always there niggling you in the back of your mind:

“I didn’t post anything on my Facebook Page today.”
“It’s been 2 days/a week/a month since I tweeted!”

Social media is content monster that’s never satisfied, chronically hungry.

So how can you keep it fed? How can you stay consistent WITHOUT social media taking over your business?

This is the answer.

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the secret to successful selling on social media

The secret to successful selling on social media

Social media has taken over the world. 1.4 BILLION people around the world use Facebook every month.

Research has shown that 82% of “prospects” can be reached via social media. (And if you’re in the business of serving online entrepreneurs, you can safely assume it’s closer to 100%.)

As smart business owners, you know the importance of hanging out where your customers are.

But people aren’t on social media to be sold to. So how do you “hang out” AND sell your products and services to all those potential clients without feeling sleazy and pushy??

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Get Your Social Media Done -- holiday edition!

Get your social media DONE for the rest of 2014 (a holiday gift just for you!)

The holidays are pretty much upon us and I’m guessing you are hustling to get everything done so you can take some time off, amiright?

I’m definitely in full-on holiday hustle mode. We leave for Canada today (our first Christmas at home in 3 years!!) and although I’m packing my computer and will work a bit while we’re home, I also plan on spending a good chunk of time unplugged, hanging out with loved ones and enjoying the holiday season :)

So what about my social media for the next 2 weeks? As I found out when I took time off to celebrate my wedding, letting my Facebook Page go dark for 2 weeks creates a big ol’ hole to dig out of when I get back thanks to the algorithm so that’s not an option.

Here’s what I’m doing instead!

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How a VA can help with your social media content

3 ways a virtual assistant can help with your social media content

Whether you LOVE or DREAD social media, there will probably come a time when you want to shift some of the work to a virtual assistant. Because great social media takes TIME and that’s a precious resource for busy business owners like you and me!

I do NOT recommend outsourcing your entire social presence to a VA. But there are 3 great ways a virtual assistant can help with your social media content that will make your life a lot easier and still make sure your social presence feels and sounds like you and your brand.

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How CrossFit can help you develop rock-solid social media content

I was nervous. It took me 4 months to set foot inside “the Box”. I finally tricked myself into starting by sending a Facebook message declaring I’d stop by tomorrow (so I couldn’t put it off until “tomorrow” yet again the next morning).

I’m talking about CrossFIt and I LOVED it. The coach was totally approachable, the community was friendly and best of all, it took all the guesswork out of working out. I’m just over a month in (so hardly a CrossFit expert!) but I’m already kicking myself for not trying it sooner.

And I realized last week that CrossFit and social media have a lot in common–and the same principles that make CrossFit so successful can be used to strengthen our businesses and our social media content.

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