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How to design click-worthy Facebook Ads

How to design click-worthy Facebook Ads

[guest post by Megan Ronecker]

As the number of Facebook users continues to grow (and organic reach for businesses is dipping further and further), more and more small businesses are looking to Facebook Ads to promote their business.

Facebook Ads can reach out to your specific niche and target into your market through not only demographics, but by location, interests and other Facebook Page likes. But it’s not as easy as just boosting a post. Creating an ad that directs/converts to website or allows people to claim an offer seem to be the most effective (especially if you’re offering free value- like an email opt-in!).

Facebook ads are tricky (and kind of overwhelming) to learn to design, not to mention launch a campaign. But never fear! I’m here to make the design process a little easier to DIY (do it yourself).

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Stop the madness: what you REALLY need to know about the Facebook news feed changes

Have you noticed the ‘Reach’ on your Facebook Business Page posts has gone down in the last week or two? I’m betting you read a few of the indignant “Facebook is forcing brands to buy ads to reach their fans!” articles or at least saw “Be sure to join our email list, Facebook is keeping us from reaching you!” sponsored posts in your news feed and started to feel a bit panicked.

Take a deep breath.

There is no need to panic or forsake your Facebook Business Page.

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Facebook from scratch: 4 hand-picked resources to help you run better Facebook Ads

I’m going to be completely upfront with you. I am not a Facebook Ads expert.

So I sat down with ‘the Google’ and dug up some resources. Out of the many, many articles I’ve read in the past two weeks, these 4 were by far the most helpful as I created my first ads this week.

This is a hand-picked selection of the best advice I could find, just for you : ) If you are just getting started with Facebook Ads–or are frustrated with how your current ads are performing–take some time to check these out.

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