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The best way to get noticed online

The best way to get noticed online (hint: it’s NOT by shouting “look at me, look at me!”)

One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE social media is the ability to easily reach people you might not have otherwise met.

Unfortunately, this is also why many businesses say, “I gotta be on Twitter so I can use it to promote my products” or, “We have to create a Facebook page to let our customers know all the great things we are selling.” They see it more as advertising or promotional platform, and frankly, they are not only completely missing the point of “social” media (and violating the golden rule!) but they are missing a HUGE opportunity to actually connect to their community and be of real service.

Don’t let this be you! There’s a simple way to be of real service that will grow your community and your client list. It’s win-win!

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