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Balancing business with baby (and failing miserably)

What failing miserably at balancing business and baby taught me about life

Today is a special day, for me and for you. It’s special for me because I’m about to share a raw, honest look inside my life and business and for you because you get a front row seat to the gory, un-Instagrammable details.

To be honest, I hesitated on whether I should share this with you today. Online marketing convention says to wait on the “mistakes/before” story until you have the “but then I turned it all around and made 100K/after” happy ending to share.

But fuck that. I want to come clean right now. Because I know I’m not the only one struggling and it will help you learn from my mistakes without having to go through the heartache and shame I went through.

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The Struggle for Work/Life Balance as a Solopreneur

The Struggle for Work/Life Balance as a Solopreneur

Burnout. Sure you’ve heard warnings from other entrepreneurs but it’s something that happens to other, less driven people, right? You’re a hustler. An achiever. A get.shit.done-er.

You work 7 days a week. You always have a course on the go to help you write/market/sell/network better. When you’re not working you’re reading read business books or listening to business podcasts. And you probably spend more total time in business Facebook groups than you do socializing with real friends.

How do I know?

Because that was me in the first 2 years of solopreneurship.

In the beginning, that single-minded focus and drive was a huge asset, it takes a lot to get a new business off the ground.

But just a few months before my 2-year biz-versay, despite a full client load and having just wrapped my best quarter ever, I found myself in tears on the phone with my business coach.

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Can you really get results from an online course?

Can you really get results from an online course? (A hard look at ALL the e-courses I’ve taken since I started my biz…)

How many online courses have you purchased since you’ve been in business? Have you ever totaled up your investment?

The e-course addiction is REAL as an online business owner — especially if you are new to business.

It’s really easy to read a sales page and think, “Ah finally *this* is what I need to make my business work!” and plunk down your money before you’ve really thought it through.

Or to get caught up in the buzz of a big launch and catch some serious FOMO (fear of missing out).

Or to convince yourself you “should” learn how to do such-and-such someday and buy the course just in case.

So it was with more than a little trepidation I faced facts and ran the numbers on exactly how many courses I’ve take and how much money I’ve invested in the past two years.


Here’s the full accounting AND a look at which ones were the best investment of my time & money!

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Why you can’t afford not to learn to sell in business

Why you can’t afford not to learn to sell if you run a business

It’s not enough to be fabulous at what you do. (This *is*super important, but I know you’re already ARE fabulous at what you do and really care about your clients & their results.)

It’s not enough to just create a website and put up a Facebook Business Page.

It’s not enough to write a blog and send it your email list every week either. Or to guest post. Or host webinars.

Yes, all these things are important tools in running and marketing your business but you can’t just expect to “build it and they will come.”

So what DO you need?

The ability to SELL.

Here’s why and how it’s made a huge difference in my business.

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Why I’m so glad I couldn’t find a job in France (Biz Love Blog Tour)

Why I’m so glad I couldn’t find a job in France (Biz Love Blog Tour)

I work a lot right now.

Most days I start around 11 am and work ‘til 8 or 9pm when my husband gets home from the lab. A little less on Fridays. But also usually at least a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

Easily 50 hours/week for the moment.

But last year I also travelled for more than 9 weeks.

The opportunity to spend a few years exploring Europe was a big reason my husband took the job in Bordeaux, France and we moved ourselves, a couple suitcases and our 2 cats from Toronto, Canada two and half years ago.

But after about 5 months I was still unemployed and struggling to find my place…

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