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4 golden opportunities to connect with your webinar audience you might be missing

4 golden opportunities to connect with your webinar audience you might be missing

Webinars are powerful list-builders and sales tools, absolutely. But there’s another aspect to live webinars that I didn’t expect when I first started doing them: they connect you with your audience in a new, very tangible way.

Think about it — there are very few other opportunities in your business when a non-client will give you their (mostly) undivided attention for an hour, right?

So we need to make the most of this HUGE opportunity — by providing really useful content and by maximizing the opportunities the audience has to interact with you.

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Designed2Flourish Magazine, issue #1

You don’t need 1000 fans to be a social media success

Do you ever look at your number of followers or Likes and feel, well, small? Maybe you think if you could just get to 500, 1000 or 5000 you’ll finally be a success on social media and your community will finally take off? Well I want to clear something up: big follower numbers do not automatically equal real community–nor are they even a good measure of social media success.

It’s time to stop feeling small and start leveraging that small community! Read an excerpt from my article for Designed2Flourish Magazine and grab your free copy to get 5 ideas you can put into action right away to connect with your community.

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Facebook from scratch: I don’t care how many ‘Likes’ you have (& why you shouldn’t either!)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said–or thought–”I really need more Likes on Facebook.” Be honest. (Don’t be shy, I’m raising my hand right along with you!)

I know I’m not the only with my hand up because “I want to build my Likes on Facebook” is something I hear over and over again from my clients–heck, one of my most popular newsletter subject lines was ‘Do you want more Likes on Facebook?’–but I actually kinda hate that phrase. (Same goes for ‘I need more followers on Twitter’ or the equivalent metric on any other social network.) Why? Because it’s all about the number and not about the people behind it.

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The best way to get noticed online

The best way to get noticed online (hint: it’s NOT by shouting “look at me, look at me!”)

One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE social media is the ability to easily reach people you might not have otherwise met.

Unfortunately, this is also why many businesses say, “I gotta be on Twitter so I can use it to promote my products” or, “We have to create a Facebook page to let our customers know all the great things we are selling.” They see it more as advertising or promotional platform, and frankly, they are not only completely missing the point of “social” media (and violating the golden rule!) but they are missing a HUGE opportunity to actually connect to their community and be of real service.

Don’t let this be you! There’s a simple way to be of real service that will grow your community and your client list. It’s win-win!

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