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Why Social Media

The top 5 reasons you should be on social media (and how it will help your business)

Should you even bother with social media? Stay with me for a second–I’m being serious.

Creating a Facebook Page because someone told you “should,” or opening an account on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram because you heard you can’t do business without one is crazy.

Now obviously I believe you should bother, that social media is worth your time and energy and WILL help your business–I wouldn’t be much of social media strategist if I didn’t–BUT you need to do it with intention, with a clear idea of how it’s going to help you, and not just because I (or anybody else) said you “should”.

So let’s get real. Let’s figure out WHY social media is important for you and your business–so you can get on with developing strategy, content and real connections!

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You want to do social media right? Discover the only rule that matters.

Social media can seem an intimidating place where the landscape is always changing (there’s yet another new tool?!) and wading through the endless amount of advice on how to be a social media success can make your head spin. I hear you!

So let me share this little secret: it all boils down to one simple principle. No matter what social tool you use, or what business you are in, you can’t do it wrong if you follow this one golden rule.

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