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How to get Facebook famous: interview with Brandon Wagner

I hear complaints pretty much DAILY about Facebook and how the algorithm changes are “keeping businesses from reaching their fans” and how you can no longer be successful on Facebook unless you “pay to play” and take out Facebook ads.

So when I ran into Brandon Wagner sharing his amazing success on Facebook in a group of business owners we are part of, I had to know more.

Brandon is the inventor and owner of Easy Garden Bag and his Facebook Page is barely a month old. He currently has 1,075 likes and a whopping 1,364 people ‘talking about this’. And he hasn’t paid for a single Facebook ad.

I asked him if he’d be willing to share his story and his exact strategies with us–and he generously said yes.

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Why you shouldn’t start a Facebook fan page

A Facebook fan page isn’t always the best way to use Facebook for your business.

What?! I know, as a social media devotee, maybe it surprise you that I’d say that. Facebook fan pages can be a great tool in your social media strategy. But the truth of the matter is, succeeding on social media is as much about picking your battles as it about fighting them well. And there might be better options on Facebook for your business.

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