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How to design click-worthy Facebook Ads

How to design click-worthy Facebook Ads

[guest post by Megan Ronecker]

As the number of Facebook users continues to grow (and organic reach for businesses is dipping further and further), more and more small businesses are looking to Facebook Ads to promote their business.

Facebook Ads can reach out to your specific niche and target into your market through not only demographics, but by location, interests and other Facebook Page likes. But it’s not as easy as just boosting a post. Creating an ad that directs/converts to website or allows people to claim an offer seem to be the most effective (especially if you’re offering free value- like an email opt-in!).

Facebook ads are tricky (and kind of overwhelming) to learn to design, not to mention launch a campaign. But never fear! I’m here to make the design process a little easier to DIY (do it yourself).

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Using Facebook Groups to Build Your Business (Without Being Sneaky or Sleazy)

Using Facebook Groups to Build Your Business (Without Being Sneaky or Sleazy)

[guest post by Maggie Patterson]

Facebook is the lifeline for many an online business owner. And with good reason: if that’s where your potential clients are hanging out, it makes complete sense to meet them on the platform that they spend the most time on.

While Facebook Page reach has been in decline, Facebook Groups are growing steadily. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, groups offer a solid way to support their community-building and marketing efforts, and the total number of people using Facebook Groups is regularly increasing.

So, if groups are going to be a part of your social media strategy, where do you start? Or if you’re using groups already, how do you get more ROI on that time you’re spending?

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How to use Graph Search to find Groups on Facebook

How to use Graph Search to find Groups on Facebook: video tech tutorial

Even before I had a business Page, Facebook was the #1 driver of traffic to my website. How? Because I was a part of a number of great Facebook groups where my ideal clients were hanging out.

And I’m not talking about popping in, promoting my services or latest blog post and hoping for the best. This sort of “drive-by” spam is icky and it doesn’t work, so just don’t do it. (Hat tip to Maggie Patterson for the “drive-by” description of this kind of promotion, it’s just brilliant.)

I’m talking about being of service. Answering questions, sharing resources you love and generally being helpful and supportive. I’ve said it before (in fact I wrote a whole post on this topic) but this kind of service is the best way to get noticed online and one of the best uses of your social media time. (And you’ll make really awesome relationships too! I’ve met mastermind buddies, biz collaborators and of course, clients this way.)

So how do you find groups on Facebook (that are ACTUALLY good)? Graph Search! Here’s how to use it to find where your ideal clients are hanging out.

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The wrong way to build Facebook Likes

The wrong way to build Facebook Likes (& what to do instead!)

If you’ve spent any time in business-focused Facebook groups you seen these threads: “let’s share the Facebook love” Like fests, or “I’ll like your page if you like mine” Like trades. Whatever you want to call them (like circles, like ‘ladders’, like ‘parties’), they seem like a fantastic idea: a community supporting one and other, a free way to spread the love and get Likes without having to pay for ads and great exposure for your new page.

HOWEVER, you’re actually sabotaging your Facebook Page if you jump into this kind of like-trading. (Seriously. I’m not trying to be sensational here.)

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How to get Facebook famous: interview with Brandon Wagner

I hear complaints pretty much DAILY about Facebook and how the algorithm changes are “keeping businesses from reaching their fans” and how you can no longer be successful on Facebook unless you “pay to play” and take out Facebook ads.

So when I ran into Brandon Wagner sharing his amazing success on Facebook in a group of business owners we are part of, I had to know more.

Brandon is the inventor and owner of Easy Garden Bag and his Facebook Page is barely a month old. He currently has 1,075 likes and a whopping 1,364 people ‘talking about this’. And he hasn’t paid for a single Facebook ad.

I asked him if he’d be willing to share his story and his exact strategies with us–and he generously said yes.

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