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The 4 pillars of great Facebook content (never wonder what to post again!)

You stare at the blinking cursor in your empty Facebook status box.

“Think, brain! C’mon. What the heck am I going to post today?!”

Occasionally a flash of brilliance will save the day. But more often than not you feel like banging your head against your desk, wishing it wasn’t such a struggle. (I know I’m not alone here because several of you responded to my Facebook post about this very issue!)

So what if I told you there’s a way to banish this I-have-no-idea-what-to-post problem, forever?

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Stop the madness: what you REALLY need to know about the Facebook news feed changes

Have you noticed the ‘Reach’ on your Facebook Business Page posts has gone down in the last week or two? I’m betting you read a few of the indignant “Facebook is forcing brands to buy ads to reach their fans!” articles or at least saw “Be sure to join our email list, Facebook is keeping us from reaching you!” sponsored posts in your news feed and started to feel a bit panicked.

Take a deep breath.

There is no need to panic or forsake your Facebook Business Page.

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Facebook from Scratch: Create your own (super easy!) shareable images

While Facebook isn’t as image-focused as Instagram or Pinterest, the newsfeed is becoming more visual every day (have you seen the new, bigger link thumbnails?) and, according to Facebook, photo-based posts get 120% more engagement.

The most popular post on my Facebook page ever is a simple image I created in PicMonkey. Here’s a collection of resources that make creating your own custom, shareable images for your social networks super quick & easy.

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Create custom Facebook App Tabs using WooBox

Facebook from Scratch: How to make custom social media app tabs for Facebook (video tech tutorial)

There are a lot of ways to create functional, beautiful Facebook app tabs for your FB Page, but this is the fastest & easiest solution I’ve found–and for your social media apps like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, it’s completely free.

In this video tech tutorial I will show you (in 10min!) how to set up social media app tabs using WooBox, and make them look super custom & professional.

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Facebook from scratch: I don’t care how many ‘Likes’ you have (& why you shouldn’t either!)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said–or thought–”I really need more Likes on Facebook.” Be honest. (Don’t be shy, I’m raising my hand right along with you!)

I know I’m not the only with my hand up because “I want to build my Likes on Facebook” is something I hear over and over again from my clients–heck, one of my most popular newsletter subject lines was ‘Do you want more Likes on Facebook?’–but I actually kinda hate that phrase. (Same goes for ‘I need more followers on Twitter’ or the equivalent metric on any other social network.) Why? Because it’s all about the number and not about the people behind it.

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