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choose which social network

Which social network is best for your business? (The surprising question you need to answer to find out)

You don’t have a marketing department, much less a full-time social media staff. You’re a one woman (or one man) shop and you wear a lot of different hats every day.

Your time is precious and you don’t have time to maintain a social media presence on this network or that network just because it’s trendy or someone said you should.

So how do you know which social network to choose? Which one will give you the best results for your business?

This is a question I hear A LOT.

And my answer might surprise to you.

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7 must-dos before you start promoting your business on social media

7 must-dos before you start promoting your business on social media

[guest post from Anna Long-Stokes of Electric Empire]

Have you ever had that nightmare where you are teaching a class or doing a presentation and then all of a sudden you look down and you realize that somehow you left the house with absolutely NO CLOTHES ON? “Holy crap!” you think and then BAM, you wake up (thank God).

Less sexy, but almost as scary, is using social media to promote your business when you aren’t at all ready!

So how do you ready yourself for social media success?

I’ve compiled a list of 7 steps I like all my clients to take before they spread their message to the masses.

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My business-building secret weapons

Maybe this is shocking coming from a social media coach, but as powerful as social media is, you need to have a strong business foundation BEFORE you can make the most of it.

When I decided just under a year ago that I wanted to work for myself and become an entrepreneur, I read, and googled, and read some more, desperately seeking resources and support to help me get started. I had a lots of social media experience but zero business experience, and no clue how to run an online business.

Then I made a business decision that changed my business forever.

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