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How I stopped overthinking in my business

How to stop overthinking every little thing in your business

We have to make a million little, and big, decisions every day when we work for ourselves.

Is this offer a good idea? Will anyone buy it? Should I send another follow up email to that prospect? Do I want to take on this new client? Should I do a 5 day challenge or a series of webinars? And on, and on.

There are, of course, a TON of experts with fantastic systems, courses and programs — and the success stories to back them up — telling you that XYZ is the way to do it.

And solid marketing and sales strategy are indispensable to making your business work.

But there’s also this hidden variable I’ve been playing with lately… the thing behind all those amazing success stories we read on sales pages and social media — and what’s missing for ALL the people who did exactly what they were “supposed” to do but didn’t get those same great results…

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