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choose which social network

Which social network is best for your business? (The surprising question you need to answer to find out)

You don’t have a marketing department, much less a full-time social media staff. You’re a one woman (or one man) shop and you wear a lot of different hats every day.

Your time is precious and you don’t have time to maintain a social media presence on this network or that network just because it’s trendy or someone said you should.

So how do you know which social network to choose? Which one will give you the best results for your business?

This is a question I hear A LOT.

And my answer might surprise to you.

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How to write for social media by Jamie Jensen

How to sound like YOU on social media (in 5 simple steps)

[guest post by Jamie Jensen of Hot Copy]

Have you ever been on Facebook or Twitter and found yourself feeling totally bombarded by sales messages and marketing offers INSTEAD of like you’re surrounded by friends? Yeah, well, it’s the way of the future and it totally sucks.

The good news is, while this is totally annoying for your experience of social media, it’s actually the KEY to helping you stand out.

Here’s why: while everyone else is churning out some standard marketing bullshit and big “power words” (that we’re mostly immune to) you’re going to be doing the one thing it takes to actually make a splash on social media.

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Designed2Flourish Magazine, issue #1

You don’t need 1000 fans to be a social media success

Do you ever look at your number of followers or Likes and feel, well, small? Maybe you think if you could just get to 500, 1000 or 5000 you’ll finally be a success on social media and your community will finally take off? Well I want to clear something up: big follower numbers do not automatically equal real community–nor are they even a good measure of social media success.

It’s time to stop feeling small and start leveraging that small community! Read an excerpt from my article for Designed2Flourish Magazine and grab your free copy to get 5 ideas you can put into action right away to connect with your community.

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A 3-step plan to tackle your social media with confidence (and just get started already!)

A 3-step plan to tackle your social media with confidence (and just get started already!)

I was going to call this post ‘The biggest social media mistake you can make’ because:

1) I know many of you are terrified of making a mistake on social media or ‘doing it wrong’
2) I really do believe this is the biggest mistake you can make (but it’s not what you think!).

But I changed my mind. Because while the “gosh, now I’m afraid I might be making this huge mistake” title might have grabbed your attention, it didn’t sit right for me.

So here it is, a 3-step plan to ditch your fear of failure or “I’ll-get-to-that-later” excuses and just get started (so you can avoid that big mistake!).

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Learn to use Buffer: video tech tutorial

Learn to use Buffer: video tech tutorial

Along with Hootsuite, Buffer is my secret weapon when it comes to streamlining my social media activities. Buffer makes sharing faster & smarter and, if you use it regularly, I can almost guarantee you’ll see more engagement because you’ll be sharing more great stuff, and doing it consistently.

By the end of this video tech tutorial you will know how to:

1. Set up your Buffer account
2. Optimize your Twitter posting schedule to suit your audience
3. Use Buffer to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

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