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Systematize Your Social Media Calendar With Evernote And Hootsuite

[guest post by Michelle MacConnell]

As business owners, we’re always on the lookout for programs that are going to make our daily activities just a bit more productive and simple, right?

Whether you’re a fan of Evernote or Hootsuite; or both – you’re going to love the integration between these two powerhouse programs and here’s why:

By connecting the power of these two awesome programs, what we get is a sleek social media system that we can easily collect, create, manage and share our social media content from in a snap.

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How to manage your social media in only one hour a week. (For real.)

Did you know it’s possible to run your business’ social media presence effectively in as little as 1 hour a week? (Or 4 hours a month??)

It’s true.

Deliberate planning, scheduling and some amazing (free!) social media management tools make it possible. So if you’ve been avoiding using social media for your business because you’re afraid it’ll be a distraction or will take too much time to do properly, say goodbye to those excuses and hello to your new, expert social media system.

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