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Get Your Social Media Done -- holiday edition!

Get your social media DONE for the rest of 2014 (a holiday gift just for you!)

The holidays are pretty much upon us and I’m guessing you are hustling to get everything done so you can take some time off, amiright?

I’m definitely in full-on holiday hustle mode. We leave for Canada today (our first Christmas at home in 3 years!!) and although I’m packing my computer and will work a bit while we’re home, I also plan on spending a good chunk of time unplugged, hanging out with loved ones and enjoying the holiday season :)

So what about my social media for the next 2 weeks? As I found out when I took time off to celebrate my wedding, letting my Facebook Page go dark for 2 weeks creates a big ol’ hole to dig out of when I get back thanks to the algorithm so that’s not an option.

Here’s what I’m doing instead!

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Quick 4-point checklist to prep your social media for vacation

Going away is simultaneously wonderful and terrible when you are a solopreneur. On the on hand, unplugging and stepping away from the computer is SO SO needed but on the other hand there is no co-worker to hand your work off to and your business goes “dark” while you are gone.

Here’s a quick checklist to prep your social media for vacation–and an example of how you can use your vacation snaps as social media content when you get home!

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