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how to choose a great webinar topic

How to choose a great webinar topic

The topic of my first webinar came about pretty much by accident. I mentioned a problem I could see many business owners struggling with (setting up their Facebook Business Pages and worrying about doing it “wrong”) to my business coach and she said, “Ooh, you could do a webinar showing people exactly how to set up their Pages.”

It had never even occurred to me that I could simply set a Facebook Page up in real time, talking through the different settings and best practices as I went, and that would be a webinar. It was so simple.

The truth is we don’t always realize the things we already know that would make a great webinar topic. In fact, you probably have at least 5 webinars worth of knowledge in your head right this second!

Don’t believe me? Get out a pen and paper or pop open a Google doc and let’s brainstorm together.

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