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How big should you list be to do a successful webinar?

How big should your list be to run a successful webinar? (3 questions to figure out if you’re ready)

Webinars have been HUGE for my business: I doubled my list in 3 months with just 3 webinars. I earned my first client waiting list and filled my group program thanks to webinars. And business partnerships, invitations to be a guest teacher and requests to be interviewed on podcasts have all come out of doing webinars. So to say I’m a big fan is an understatement :)

But I’m going to go out on a limb here (not really) and guess that you’ve seen people rave about how amazing webinars or free calls are for their business before — but you haven’t done one yet because you don’t think you’re ready. Amiright?

Well here’s the truth (including the actual number of people I had on my list when I ran my first webinar and how that worked out!).

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