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How to Create an Editorial Calendar For More Effective Content

[guest post by Lacy Boggs]

You know that saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Well, it’s true of content marketing, too. As you know, just throwing content out onto social media without a strategy isn’t a good way to build your business. It’s a waste of time and effort.

The same can be said for blogging without a strategy. Crafting a valuable, thoughtful blog post takes time and effort — and that time and effort is wasted if you’re not following a strategy to make those blog posts convert for you.

I like to think of an editorial calendar as your way of zooming out on your content strategy. Done correctly, it’s your big picture and your roadmap to success.

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4 steps for turning a shitty first draft into something unstoppable

4 steps for turning a shitty first draft into something unstoppable

[guest post by Nicole Baute]

You’ve gone and done it. You finally found the time to sit down and write something important for your business. Perhaps a guest post for one of your favourite websites, a new About page, or a sales email with a big announcement. You worked through the resistance, tuned out the self-doubt, and pounded your thoughts out onto the keyboard.

But you don’t like what you’ve written. Not even a bit.

What happens next is critical. You can ditch what you’ve written, or you can see this piece of writing for what it is: a shitty first draft, and the beginning of something great.

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How to write for social media by Jamie Jensen

How to sound like YOU on social media (in 5 simple steps)

[guest post by Jamie Jensen of Hot Copy]

Have you ever been on Facebook or Twitter and found yourself feeling totally bombarded by sales messages and marketing offers INSTEAD of like you’re surrounded by friends? Yeah, well, it’s the way of the future and it totally sucks.

The good news is, while this is totally annoying for your experience of social media, it’s actually the KEY to helping you stand out.

Here’s why: while everyone else is churning out some standard marketing bullshit and big “power words” (that we’re mostly immune to) you’re going to be doing the one thing it takes to actually make a splash on social media.

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